why ii created this blog…

hello all!

     ii wanted my first post to be on why ii created a blog. ii created this blog because ii want to share my natural journey with others. ii am new to the natural world and many blogs have helped me along the way. and ii am inspired by so many blogs, /which i plan to blog about at a later date/..that keep me going on this natural hair journey. plus ii always, always talk about natural hair..with EVERYBODY.((so why not blog it??). ii titled my blog.. isthatyourhair?, because ii get that question alot. now my hair isn’t WL (yet) so sometimes ii am a little confused on why ii get that question..*shrug* but ill take it as a compliment….anywho to find out a little more about me, i will be updating the “about me” section so i dont ramble on and on right now :).  so sit back, enjoy and watch my natural journey. side note: ii dont want this blog to be all about me, so ii will be asking for features from anyone who wants to be featured. ii plan to have pics and tuts of new hair styles that ii try on my 3yr old daugther’s hair {jordynn} who is also natural. ii would love to have natural vets, transitionars, and of course the men’s point of view on the natural hair epidemic. (email me for details,Chngdmyusername@gmail.com)   

*ii LOVE the idea of women helping women* It makes my heart smile 🙂

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