random thought…


…ok, so ii have been on my natural journey since 12/2009 and ii am still learning my hair. learning what my hair likes and doesn’t like  for me is much harder than  actually embracing my natural hair. no matter how my hair turns out in the morning ii still love her. because she is what God blessed me with. now ii am not downing women who have relaxers because at the end of the day you have to do what makes YOU happy. everybody may not accept my kinks, but ii do. ii did not become natural to join a “fad” or “team” ii became natural because ii wanted to show who ii am, in every way possible. ii was tired of fitting into this box of “what is right”, because ii am me, Temoura. like many ii too  have struggled with self-esteem issues in my life but it wasn’t until ii went natural that all of those worries about what people will think about me went right out the window. this is who ii am, take it or leave it.

for all the women out there that want to go natural but are afraid of how others’ will look at them, let that fear go! embrace your true natural beauty!

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