what exactly is “good” hair?


good hair this and good hair that..blah, blah,blah.

to me if you have hair growing out of your scalp that is “good hair”. ii can’t count how many women tell me they can’t go natural  because they don’t have “good hair” like so and so. and  that is  what we have to realize, that you don’t have hair like her, because you have hair like you. because her hair is a looser curl pattern than yours doesn’t make her hair any better than yours.

*where did this seperation of good and bad hair come from anyway?*

ii hate when people say “everybody can’t go natural”, my question is why the heck not?  smh ii just don’t get some people, instead of uplifting other black women we continue to tear eachother down with all this divison. ii encourge all women of all hair types to go natural, who cares if your hair doesn’t hang down your back or curl up at a drop of water? its YOUR hair, the hair that the man above wanted you to have 🙂


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