your hair and you.

wavy, curly, tightly curled, coiled, and tightly coiled, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b. etc…..who knew there were so many different hair types and textures? growing up ii always heard people say things about “good hair” or “bad hair”. but ii had no idea that underneath the relaxer you could discover your “good hair”.

  •  to have a successful natural journey you first have to embrace the hair that you were given. find out what your likes or doesn’t like. i.e does your hair work well with or without Cones?, coconut oil or olive oil? braid out or twist out? etc. it’s all about trial and error. rome wasn’t built-in a day ladies.
  •  do your research, with such a big natural hair community these days, its super easy to google a product and read the reviews or watch a couple of youtube videos before you spend your cash on this “miracle product”. personally ii google every product before ii buy it, as most of you probably already know being natural can be kind of pricey, so if ii can get an idea of how the product will work on my hair that’s exactly what ii’ll do.
  • you can’t compare your hair to the next curlie. even when googling product reviews, just because it worked on her head doesn’t mean it will work on yours. you have to be cautious and able to except the fact that the product may not do what you want it to do. let the natural hair community be a guide, not a bible. k?
  • determine your hair goals.  think about why you went natural.  are you looking for styling versatility, texture definition, volume, or easy maintenance? your goals will help you find the right products and styles.  they’ll also help you to connect with your hair and the natural hair experience. 




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