breakage & how to prevent it.


hair breakage is very common when dealing with natural hair because our hair can dry out fairly fast. but ii tell you my beautiful brown sisters there are ways to help prevent the horrible tragedy called BREAKAGE. It’s a simple two step program, (1) moisturize (2) seal. It all starts with finding a good moisturizer and oil.

  • you want to find a moisturizer that is water based. Check ingredients and try to locate items with the first ingredient being water. Our hair loves to drink water.
  • figure out what oil works best for your hair. there are so many types of oils out there like  coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and carrot oil.
  • a light coating of oil after your daily moisturizer will help seal the moisture inside. oils are made of large molecules. these molecules are too large to absorbed by the hair strand. applying oils to the hair and scalp will coat them and trap the moisture that is inside on the inside and the moisture that is outside on the outside. you want to use the oil to “lock in the moisture.”
  • if you use oils without a moisturizer or before one, the oil will seal the moisture out of the hair strand and lead to a coated feel and eventual dryness. if you apply an oil product to your hair before you have added a moisturizing product, you have created a seal on your hair strand that water and moisture cannot penetrate.
  • dryness equals breakage. your hair needs to be moisturzied and then it needs a barrier so the moisture will not leave your hair.

simple right? and your hair will thank you, ii promise! just remember ladies if your hair is feeling a little on the dry side just follow this two step program.

                                           (1.) moisturize and (2.) seal




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