Fellas Tell Us How you really feel

And you are sir? “Jazz J”

How important is a woman’s hair to you?
“It’s very important to me even though looks aren’t. You don’t have to be the finest thing in the world, but keep your wig done.”

How do you feel about the natural hair movement going on?
“I like it a lot, I’m a fan of women displaying their natural beauty so it’s only right you roll with your natural hair also.”

Are you currently in a relationship with a curlie headed queen?
“Yes ma’am I am, you as a matter of fact. Lol”

How did you react when she told you she wanted to go natural?
“I was cool with it, I just didn’t want her to big chop.”


Do you consider yourself a good supporter?
“I consider myself a GREAT supporter.”

Any last words?
“Thanks for having me on here even though I had to beg you for 2 weeks to do it.”

*welp ladies that’s the hubby jazz j and as you can see he is a mess lol. but that’s why ii love him. these are his real responses, how he really feels. ii wanted to start sharing “how the fellas really feel” on here because ii think alot of women don’t think that they would feel as confident with natural hair when in a relationship as they do with relaxed hair. so ii wanted to shed light on the fellas that truly love the natural look.*

(side note) who cares if the men don’t like it..its about YOU! #pow




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