creamy crack: how do i hate thee

 Creamy Crack:
How Do I Hate Thee

You hooked me!
I woke up in cold sweats pining from your deadly
fumes that filled me up with the aroma of love.
You burned me!
To touch you left me with patches
that stripped life away
from the very roots that bloomed from within.
You kept me!
So dependent in a way that I could never walk
without the crutch you gave me
to lift my head high in pride.
False hope!
To think that life would be worthless without you,
because I would be worthless without you.
You stole from me!
Constantly taking the essence that was given to me —
as a gift, replacing it with your mirrors
to reflect the image you see me in.
You tortured me!
Empty and hollow full of holes from wounds of abuse
caused by the toxic disease you carry within your
formula of beauty.
You poisoned me!
Filling my head and thoughts with words and
sweet whispers of self-esteem lasting only 6 to 8 weeks.
You deserted me!
Leaving me in a coma, depriving me of those free
of your mental and emotional restraints of
a chemical prison.
I woke up!
Alive and free and educated to be what God made me.
I got smart!
Finally realizing the only way to rid you
was to neutralize you!
F**k You!!!
My self-worth is not determined by the straight,
relaxed path of destruction you leave behind,
but the bend and the curve of a rhythm…
I choose to roam!
Author Unknown

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