Fellas Tell Us How You Really Feel.

 And you are sir? “Brian”

How important is a woman’s hair to you?  *shrugs* “its not really that important, as long as its not ugly. I mean I dont wanna see no girl wit her hair matted to her head and she aint got locs, that aint cool.”

How do you feel about the natural hair movement going on? “it’s cool, i’m down for it as long as its well taken care of. No one wants to see a girl with a bird’s nest on her head.”

Are you currently in a relationship with a curlie headed queen? “Yes I am- My wife Danie is natural and guests blogs for this site occasionally.”

How did you react when she told you she wanted to go natural? “I was a little skeptical at first because she said she was going to cut all of her hair off. She had a short cut at the time, but I wasnt sure of how it would look without a relaxer.”

Do you consider yourself a good supporter? “Absolutely! Anything I can do to help her I’m there. I give her compliments, I even make late night trips to the store and search through aisles and aisles of “evil” products to find the one natural product my wife is looking for. I’ll do anything to help her, except styling…that would be a little suspect.”

Any last words? “I love the untamed curly fro that I’ve been seeing lately. I actually  like to see that style the most-even more than the relaxed styles.”

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