Hair Stretching & Your Curlie Kiid.

so today at work a very interesting discussion was brought up. the discussion of whether or not you should relax your child’s hair.

personally ii don’t think children NEED relaxers, ii believe it’s all about having patience when dealing with your curlie kiid.

ii totally understand how busy a working mother’s life can be, (in my case ) , leaving you with barley any time for your own hair. so relaxing your daughter’s hair to make it more “manageable” sounds like the easiest way out.

but what is that saying to your daughter?…is it saying maybe her natural hair isn’t worth the time and energy it takes to make it more “manageable”?.  hmm

disclaimer: ii am not knocking mother’s who have chosen to relax their daughter’s hair. ii received my first relaxer around age  4 or 5. but ii personally have chosen not to relax Jordynn’s hair. but to each its own. you have to do what works best for you and yours.


while doing one of my favorite past times. surfing the web. ii came across a very interesting video on a african hair stretching method, that can also be worn as a protective style for your curlie kiid.

hair stretching is a natural way to make hair more “manageable” without the scalp burns. check it out.

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