light in the dark

Light in the Dark
Ooh, look at you Jigga-Boo,
With your dark skin, big lips, nappy hair,
and large derrière
You fail the brown bag test,
and your hair is all a mess,
Not enough lipstick to cover,
the voluptuous lips, inherited from Grandmother
Hair kinky and curly, and thick as lambs wool,
Even if its braided and beaded, or dreadlocked, its still not beautiful,
how pitiful
We as a people, trying our best to fit in,
Straighten your hair, hide your backside,
pretty equals light skin
Complexity of my sistas’ complexions, is GOD sent,
Sistas’ sweet as ice cream, lighter than caramel to darker than chocolate
Fast forward the time, to one, nine, nine, nine,
Its now acceptable,
to be ethnically incredible
Its true, ’cause Cosmo said so, big lips are now exotic,
Blondes and blue eyes getting injections, to mimic my sistas’ reflections,
how ironic
30 years ago, these characteristics should have changed,
Little Tomeka being teased, because of the rinse, spin, and wash of our brains
No pride in the darkside, not happy to be nappy,
Too fully equipped, in the hips, butts, and lips
But now dark skin gives the look of Mediterranean,
Hair with “a flare”, has kinks and curls up in there
Sensuous, vivacious, womanly and voluptuous,
Synonyms, given by them, to describe traits of us
But not because of us, but because Vogue said so,
And the rear, of the “Buns of Steel” instructor, is to die for
Is this what it takes, for US to close our eyes and see,
That OUR exterior frames, come from our inner self BEAUTY.

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