Danie’s Regimen

My current regimen is very simple and easy. Since I do not protective style often I try to manipulate my hair as little as possible throughout the week.

  • My hair days are usually Tuesday evening- Wednesday morning. (the hubs favorite show comes on Tuesday nights so he usually is pre-occupied and could careless about what I’m doing lol)
  • I cleanse my scalp once a month (or more if I feel the need) using either ACV or Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo. The product that I use depends on the state of my hair at the time. *Since my hair is colored I tend to use the shampoo more than the ACV at the moment.*
  • Co-washes are done once a week (or week and a half). When co-washing I seperate my hair into 4 sections using hair clamps prior to getting in the shower. I then apply my conditioner to each section concentrating on my ends not roots. With conditioner still in the hair I gently detangle using my fingers first,then a shower comb or the tangle teezer. Followed by rinsing with cool water and drying with one of my hubby’s old t-shirts.
  • I apply a deep treatment on a weekly basis using JessiCurl WDT and a shower cap for atleast 1 hour but usually overnight.
  • After rinsing the deep treatment(the next morning or an hour later) I apply a leave in conditioner. (my hair is usually still in 4 sections and seperated using the hair clamps or goodys ouchless bands)

My signature style is a twist out. I typically experience about 50% shrinkage when my hair is wet so I prefer to do my twist on dry hair.

To stretch and dry my hair I either use a blow dryer on the lowest settings or the banding method.

Once hair is dry I do small-medium size twists. I usually rock twists during the week and unravel on the weekend for a super cute twist-out…It all just depends on my mood! 🙂

*I am in the process of creating a new regimen to get me through the fall/winter season. I will update you guys once I get settled into my new routine!

Hugs & Hearts,



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