Satin iis Your Friiend.

          ((before you go to bed….don’t forget to wrap that head!))

the #1  key in having healthy haiir is keeping your hair moisturized and sealed. so having a good satin bonnet, satin scarf or pillowcase is a must have for natural haiir. you don’t want to waste all that time and product moisturizing and sealing your hair just for your evil cotton pillowcase to  suck it all up. drying it out.

*remember dry hair breaks.*


satin bonnets– are very useful when your hair iis out and about. big and lovely. you may not want to re-twist or re-braid your hair that night.  you can just throw your bonnet on top of that fab twist out. and sleep.


satin scarfs– are good for laying down those pesky edges. (adding a little eco styler gel on your edges and then tying on the scarf works miracles, trust me). the scarf is also good for keeping your hair in place if you are wet or drying bunning your hair.


satin pillowcase– oo how ii looovee my satin pillow case. ii have plenty of nights when ii just want to throw my self on my bed and sleep. and that’s when the pillowcase will become your best friend. even when traveling ii bring my pillowcase with me. *side note* if you sleep a little wild you may want to invest in more than one 🙂


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