Grow Aids: monistat ?

                                                        Monistat 1 Vaginal Inserts & Cream, day & Night Combination Pack

It’s an uncommon hair growth product, but a number of women are trying Monistat Vaginal Cream for faster hair growth or to restore hair loss. It may seem like a far-fetched idea, but some women claim that Monistat does indeed speed up their hair growth.

In an informal Internet survey of 300 women on Long Hair Care Forum, 33 percent said they’ve tried Monistat and that it has worked for them; 10 percent said they’ve tried it, but it didn’t work; 35 percent said they hadn’t tried it for their hair growth, but would like to try it and 20 percent said they haven’t tried it and wouldn’t. Looking further at the data 76 percent of the women that did try it said that Monistat did speed up their hair growth.

Here’s why anti-fungal cream might work to give you faster hair growth. The main ingredient in Monistat Vaginal Cream is Miconazole Nitrate. It’s a synthetic antifungal used to stop fungus. It can work to promote hair growth because its oxidizing agents provide oxygen for the scalp allowing it to “breathe” and promote a healthy growing environment. Other antifungal creams have been used for years to treat dandruff and some have reported that it has sped up their hair growth at the same time.

There’s no need to worry about the safety of using Monistat on the scalp. If it’s safe enough to use to treat a yeast infection in the vagina, one of the most sensitive places on a woman’s body, it’s safe enough to try on the scalp. The question is, will it speed up your hair growth or be a waste of money? Each person is different so you would have to try it for yourself.

There have been some reported mild side effects, mainly headaches, if the Monistat is applied directly to the scalp without diluting it in a carrier oil such as olive oil, castor oil or jojoba oil. Mix the Monistat, or another brand of vaginal cream containing miconazole nitrate, with a carrier oil and follow up with a moisturizer to provide the moisture you need to comfortably apply the cream to your scalp.

There will always be some that argue against using miconazole nitrate on the scalp and in hair products because they claim that it doesn’t work and that it’s a waste of money. And some will turn their noses up at the idea of using Monistat Vaginal Cream on the scalp. It might just be worth a try though as some people say that it has worked for them.

* ii came across the monistat use a few months ago, and (being the person that ii am & wanting to reach my WL hair goal)  ii decided to try it. *shrug* judge me as you will. now because ii didnt straighten and measure my hair before starting use im not sure how much my hair grew or if my hair actually grew any faster. ii didnt experience any headaches because ii diluted my mixture with wild growth oil. ii applied it to my scalp at least every other day (but ii wasnt very consistent lol). ii no longer use the monistat application two reasons,

  • 1. ii kept forgetting
  • 2. monistat aint cheap hunni!

ok so my testimony isn’t very convincing ii know, so ii am going to post some reviews on how monistat helped others out :)*

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