Black Girls Rock….no we Really Do!

one word to describe last night’s show: INSPIRING.

growing up there were no shows like this to make me push myself a little harder, study a little longer, make me want to succeed and be great. there are so many young black women out there struggling to find themselves, not fully knowing their worth. so to praise and regonzie black women that have been through the storm and struggle but didn’t give up,  iis just what we needed in the african american communtiy. its time for black women to stop brining eachother down,  and  lift eachother up. we all can succed.  together.

ii think that it is really awesome that BET has put such a powerful award show together,. shows like this make me want to PUSH myself. because ii too can become great.

to see so many powerful black women was wonderful, not to mention my hair crush ms. ross was hosting the show ^_^.

im a black girl and ii rock!



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