No Protective Styling..

ok so,  ii didn’t wash the conditioner from last sunday out of my hair until last night. let me explain..last week was a very very busy one for me. ii have started making earrings and ii had alot of orders last week, so that took up the little bit of extra space that ii had in my already hectic weekly schedule.

during the week ii became very lazy with my hair. ii am kinda ashamed to be admitting this but ii didn’t moisturize and seal my hair as ii should have. ii did my daily spritz of water but ii didn’t always apply a moisturizer and oil. eekk. neither did ii “protective my hair” in a protective style. my hair became very dry and brittle. with a mix between the natural dryness of my hair and the harsh fall winds my hair didn’t stand a chance.

so last night, ii co-washed my hair and put it in a two strand twist updo.

(pics coming up)

here are a few pics of the way ii wore my hair during the week. check out the original post on this hairstyle HERE.


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