ii transitioned.

**Curl Talk With…

And you are?  My name is Leslie White.  I am a science educator/entrepreneur from NY now living in FL.  

 How long have you been on your Natural Journey? I have been natural almost 5 years. I went natural in Feb 2007. I transitioned for 10 months then big chopped.

 Why did you decide to go Natural? Relaxed hair was not working for me.  My hair was not growing (when I knew it had potential to be very long; from childhood) plus it was very frizzy no matter what I did…I am prone to sweating in my hair so keeping it looking decent was a chore.  The winter was my only safe season…sometimes.

 What is your current regimen and what are your favorite products?  

My favorite products
Of course my own products:
Morning Dew’s Mango Coconut Sunshine (leave in moisturizing treatment)
& the Morning Mint Mask (deep conditioner)
(they can be found at www.morningdewhair.com)
I looooove Lustrasilk’s Tea Tree Cholesterol (cheap…but it works)
Eco Styler Gel (clear kind)
I make a lot of my own products (scalp oil/sealing ends).  I will be selling that soon as well.
Shea butter and coconut  and peppermint oil are my friends

My regimen consists of:
Co-Washing 1-2 per week
Deep Condition w/ heat 1x month
Trim ends every 8 weeks (currently stretching…16 weeks)
Moisturize every other day (concentrating on the ends)
Wash with sulfate free shampoo 1-2x month
Use protective styling one week out of each month
Minimize brushing/combing
Using my sexy zebra print satin bonnet EVERY NIGHT

What is the best thing about being Natural? FREEDOM! I dont feel restricted about doing anything…working out, going out in the rain, sweat of any kind.  I like the versatility and the fact that I feel more confident with my natural hair more so than I ever did with a relaxer.  I love that my hair is super long and no one knows it because of the shrinkage…so its a shock factor when they see it fully blown out. 

 Any words of encouragement for the newbies?  Its YOUR journey.  You cannot ever compare your hair texture or growth to another fellow natural.  We all have different genetic patterns, so our hair will grow differently and look different.  Its all about you keeping your hair healthy. PROTECT your ends!!!  That is the key to growth.  Embrace you texture…your hair doesnt need to look curly to be “pretty”.  Find styles that are fit for your texture.  Get inspiration from other naturals, dont be afraid to try something new. But find whats best for you…everything doesnt work for everyone. Enjoy it! Natural hair is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!


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