Dolls & Black Girl’s Self-Esteem


How do you respond to a little girl who thinks she is ugly or that something is not right about her? If your name is Chris Rock, you make a documentary about it. If you’re an average Jane like the rest of us, you fret, you shower her with compliments, and set off to find a beautiful doll that looks like her to drive the message home. The hardest part, however, may be finding that doll.

According to the latest census, the 38.7 million Blacks in the United States spend more than $215 billion annually. Yet our presence and spending power does not make it any easier to find dolls that reflect our skin tones and ethnicity.

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 *quick thought*

christmas is approaching fast and every year ii find it to be a struggle to find Jordynn a black doll. we go from walmart to toys r us and ii notice there aren’t nearly as many african american dolls as there are caucasian dolls on the shelf.

iit offends me because OUR daughters, nieces, cousins etc like to play with baby dolls as well and ii find it to be a  major inconvenience when ii have to hop from store to store in order to find her a good quality baby doll. granted there are african american dolls available for our youngsters but..

why is the quantity so low?

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