Mommy Don’t Forget My Edges!


every morning ii moisturzie and seal Jor’s mini twist, which ii might add has become her signature style. and she never forgets to tell me to lay down her edges lol.

ii have been teaching my kid proper hair care and ii must say ii am very proud of her and how to wants to take care of her hair. at night she either sleeps in her bonnet or on her satin pillow case. Jor is a blanket baby, she has had this  one particular blanket since she was 6 months old and HAS to sleep with it every night  and it could easily cause breakage so making sure her hair is properly protected is a must.

but back to the “laying down edges” issue, ii really think me and my child have an addiction to eco-styler gel! we don’t walk out the house unless our edges are down, she even lays them down with her wash rag when she washes her face in the morning. it iis so funny to me, how a four-year old is so concerned with her edges not being as she says..”a hot mess”.


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