My Hair Salon Horror Story

so in a previous post ii mentioned getting a roller set last thursday. now keep in mind ii havent had anyone else do my hair in a LONG time and ii havent had heat on my hair all year. so ii was already a little nervous about going to a “traditional salon”.

now when ii walked into the salon, the name ii will keep anonymous, ii asked the woman at the front desk if they had any stylist that specialize in natural hair and she answered “yes we have a few that work well with natural hair”. ok great right?… WRONG.

and here are the five reasons why ii will never go back to a “traditional salon” ever again!

  1. when the stylist began to comb my hair out while ii was still in the bowl, she brought the comb to the crown of my head and proceeded to comb my hair in a downward motion..*screeching tire sound* what are you doing lady?? so ii advised her that if she starts from the bottom and works her way upward it would be easier. she says to me. “oh ii been working with natural hair for years” 0_O

 2. ok so ii was ready to move past that part, we made our why to the chair and she proceeded to roll my hair but she started detangling my hair with a rat tail comb! OMG to say ii was pissed off was an understatement. (my legs began to shake a little lol)

 3. and it was bad enough she was ripping my ends apart she began to complain about doing natural hair. wait, what? ii thought she said she had been doing natural hair for years. it is so unprofessional to complain about the clients head, while you’re doing the clients head. smh

 4. when ii was finally done under the dryer a different stylist came to take my rollers out. where’s the other chic?, maybe my hair stressed her out so bad she had to leave early. *shrug*

 5. ii was billed $5.00 more dollars for the roller set, even though the promotion on every sign in the shop clearly read $10.o0 roller set. so was a ii penalized for having natural hair, being the way God created me? wow.

and that in a nutshell iis why ii will continue to do my own hair. ii work way to hard to keep healthy natural hair, and no one has the right to damage it.

lesson learned.

ii pinned the roller set up into a updo and work it that way for the next few days.


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  1. #1 by Natural Peach on December 12, 2011 - 12:02 pm

    Please stay away from discount salons..they are basically assembly lines and their employees are darn near beauty school drop outs and could care less

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