I’m A Black Girl…& I Create !

and you are? I am Alisha, music blogger & recently turned bracelet maker.

what do you create? I create hand made beaded leather wrap bracelets, made from real leather and a gorgeous collection of gemstone beads.

why do you create? I started making my bracelets when I was online a few months ago actually looking for a bracelet to purchase, I came across a company that made really cute leather wrap bracelets but their prices were outrageous (from $75 on up). I was curious to see how hard they were to make and after a few tries I got the hang of it and from there ‘Eclectic Star” was born. My main goal is to provide high quality and trendy jewelry at an affordable price.

where can we find your creations? Right now I am in the process of putting together my online store but for now all of my work can be found on my Tumblr page www://letherbeGREAT.tumblr.com & any questions or order requests can be sent to shopeclecticstar@gmail.com.

*the wrist piece above-“Butterfly Passion” was custom made for Yours Truly :)*     
as you all know ii have tapped into my creative gene and opened my own etsy shop TemouraChanel,  selling handmade uniquely-chic earrings and when ii came across Alisha’s trendy bracelets ii knew ii had to have one!  ii also wanted to share her gift with my readers. ii love to support fellow black women while they travel this bumpy road to Enturpership. you go girl!

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