Finding MY Natural Hair “Swag”

on a daily basis women tell me that they want to go natural but they are unsure how they will look because their hair doesn’t look like mine, iit won’t be curly like mine, iit’s not big like mine etc.. and while the compliments on my hair feels nice, ii don’t like for my kinks to be compared to theirs. because  everyone’s hair is different and ii want them to embrace the locks God gave them.

which ii know is easier said then done, because it took me a while for me to embrace my natural hair. ii had to find my natural hair “swag”. it took a lot of patience, learning and practicing to find what works for me. iin the beginning of my natural hair journey ii didn’t really love my hair the way ii do now, because iit didn’t look like (my hair crush) Tracii Ellis Ross. my hair wasn’t wavy, it was kinky..very kinky. and yes my hair curled up when iit got wet, but when it dried..boy o boy that was a hot dry mess, with NO curl definition to it. ii didn’t think that ii could do it, ii didn’t know if this going natural thing was for me.

but ii didn’t give up, ii opened my laptop and did some YouTube diving. ii learned that ii wasn’t washing and detangling my hair correctly, ii wasn’t moisturizing and sealing properly and my styles were a little wack compared to what ii found on the internet. upon learning the basic techniques of taking care of natural hair, my natural hair “swag” was born. ii begin to twist, bun, pin-up, braid, roll my hair into all different styles and yup ii was in love <3.

ii say this to all my sistas that want to go natural but don’t think “it’s for them”, ii want you to give iit a try. you never know, you might just fall in love :).


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