#loseit [the weight loss challenge]

yesterday ii posted my “lunch of champions” photo on facebook which included a large smart water a cup of noodles. and was surprised at the amount of feedback ii received in regards to other ladies wanting to shed a few pounds as well. 2012 iis the year of change for myself and losing 25 pounds iis one of the goals on my list. ii was extra happy to see that ii wasn’t alone iin this, and ii think that iit is great to have a team of people on the same weight loss page so we can help each other out. you know, be the push we need sometimes.

ii figured first we need to have a PLAN, so ii took to my favorite search engine -google- and found some weight loss tips and this what ii came up with..

  • decrease the intake of juices and sodas: for two weeks ii will only drink water. two weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but for a sprite lover like me iit is a tough one. ii hope to go pass two weeks but….baby steps people, baby steps.
  • do more cardio: ii can easily add more cardio into my everyday life without getting a gym membership. taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, go for walks around my neighbor and playing “just dance” on my kinect. ii want to do at least 30-60 minutes of cardio at home a day.
  • McDonald’s iis the devil:  ii truly believe mikey d’s fries are addictive and it’s time for some fast food rehab. ii pledge to stay away from dipped and fried foods. ii am going to start baking my meats and gettings salads when ii HAVE to get fast food. its gonna be so hard to not reach my hand in Jordynn’s happy meal box.
  • sign up for different workout classes:  ii have been provided with info on  cheap to free workout classes in my area, and it’s time to take advantage of these.. for instance there is a $5 zumba class at a local skating rink on Mondays and Wednesdays && ii think ii can spare a couple of nights away from VH1 to get my workout on, and plus The Game comes on Tuesdays, ha.
  • keep a journal: when ii did the master cleanse, aka the beyonce diet. (beyonce did this cleanse to drop 20 pounds for her role in dream girls) ii kept a video diary on my iPhone and also a written diary documenting my thoughts and feelings through out that process and iit was great to look at it once ii was done with the cleanse. iit made me realize how strong ii was and to see what ii overcame in order to meet my goal. oh yea ii lost about 15 pounds in 10 days doing that cleanse.
  • master cleanse part 2:  ii am going to do the master cleanse again in a couple of weeks to help shed some of these pounds. like ii stated above ii lost about 15 pounds which wasn’t easy but it was worth it. for 10 days ii didn’t eat any food all ii did was drink lemonade -_-. for more info on the master cleanse click this link.
  • friends helping friends:  honestly ii need some helps guys. ii need fellow ladies to talk to during this time of trial, lol. we can help each other reach our goals.

so ladies what cha think? wanna join my weight loss challenge with me? ii currently don’t have a set date as to when ii want to lose the 25 pounds by… because ii just want to lose them! if you want to #loseit to send me an email at isthatyourhairblog@gmail.com with your weight loss goals and we can go from there… information can stay strictly confidential if you want it to, just let me know in the email. hope to hear from you guys!

lets #loseit !!



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