Adventures In Henna

henna, henna..o ii how ii love thee. a few days before christmas ii decided iit was time to henna this head,ii used CurlyNikki’s henna gloss recipe.  henna is a very good conditioning treatment that also helps strengthen the hair strands, not to mention iit gives your hair a reddish tint that ii have grown very fond of. here’s a few pics from my process.. 

before pic: ii just took my hair out of a updo protective style and my hair was uber dry

once ii made my henna mix- (using 2  boxes of jamila henna, aussie moist conditioner and apple cider vinegar) ii sectioned my hair into four sections,  as if ii was applying a relaxer. and used hair clips to hold the hair in place. ii then applied the mixture to each section, making sure the henna is applied to each strand.

*tip* use old clothes when applying henna, because it can be very messy. make sure you cover the area your using up with towels or news paper, trust me.

after the henna was good and heavy on my head it was time to throw a shower cap on for four hours and let the henna do it’s thing. ii usually let the henna stay in overnight, but ii didn’t have that type of time so four hours would just have to do this time around..

once ii rinsed the henna out it was time to deep condition. the pic above is after ii DC’d and detangled my hair. see the red tint?!

styling after ii was done with the henna process was a braid out. which ii released on christmas. pics below…

the earrings featured in this post can be found at my etsy shop #shopTemouraChanel.

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