This Week’s Hair…so far.

the best thing about being on #teamNatural is the versatility your hair has!

sunday night was my wash night, so after the hour detangling session ii twisted my hair up  to prepare myself for a twist out for work on monday. well since ii didn’t actually didn’t finish twisting my hair till about 8pm my hair was  still very wet the next morning. so ii grabbed a head band and formed the updo/puff that is the pic above. ii call it a updo/puff because ii didn’t pull the band as tight as ii usually do for a puff & ii used bobby pins to pin up any extra hair that was hanging low. to twist my hair ii used organic hair mayo and shea butter.

that night ii decided ii will try my twist out again, so ii lightly sprayed my hair with leave in conditioner and used shea butter to seal.

the pic below is from twist out Tuesday!

well hello there Wednesday, ii decided this morning that ii was going to do a tuck n roll because the temp has dropped here in NC and my hair dries out quickly. and you guys know ii love me some protective styles, so ii grabbed my bobby pins and went to work.

use your hair as a canvas the possiblites are limitless!

the earrings featured in this post can be found at my etsy shop. #shopTemouraChanel

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