When Natural Hair Frustrations Set In

yup, natural hair frustrations. that’s exactly what ii am going through right now. don’t get me wrong ii love my natural hair but it can become a “bit much” at times. and this is one of those times.

ii don’t feel like washing or detangling, ii don’t feel like deep conditioning or sealing. ii don’t feel like twisting or braiding. ii just don’t feel like doing anything to this head. CAN I LIVE?? lol

 but seriously ii think it’s time for a change. ii think it’s time for a blow out. time for my hair to be straight for a little while, so ii can just wrap it up at night and that’s it. now ii am very hair frustrated right now but ii am definitely not to the point of relaxing again. that’s a tad bit extreme.

ii wanted to post a few pics of how ii have been wearing my hair this week… don’t laugh.

  • Monday- two chunky two-strand twist pinned back with twist out bang.

  • Tuesday- textured bun with twist out bang.

  • Wednesday- wash n go baby puff with bang.




  1. #1 by Bennii Blast on February 11, 2012 - 11:49 am

    Yes! I seem to have these days almost every week…especially when it’s time to deep condition lol. But yeah, running to the relaxer would definitely be an extreme move.

    You can do this!!


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