Just a Little Bit of YouTube’n.

Good Morning Dolls!

Last night I started my very own YouTube Channel. I am excited yet nervous about this new venture but I hope to help and inspire fellow curlies out there. I am always getting asked about particular styles that I wear, and sometimes my words just don’t explain it right, lol. So I decided a YT channel is the best way to connect with my readers and bring my words to life!

My first video is just a quick Intro of who I am and why I created the channel mixed with my Night Time Routine.  –>> Link.

My second video is my Twist Out Take Down. (the look in the photo above)  –> Link.

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  1. #1 by Corrine. on March 8, 2012 - 11:32 am

    Temoura (Lee)! How proud I am of you…… I was just surfing in facebook , one day and I thought of you!…. and I was so excited,to see your many accomplishments.! “Going natural”, your business, and blog. Your amazing!!. Im so proud of you, and I’m glad I know you. I hope all is well with the “Fam”.. From what I can see, you seem to be doing , lovely.. and I’m very happy for you!… I’ve even decided to go natural myself! I’d thought about it long before, but never really had the guts to commit! Now thanks to you, Im ready to embark on this journey! Anyway Girl.. I ain’t trying to write no letter, Just wanted to say Hi, and I miss you! Hope we can get up sometime soon…….and Congratualations again, on your continuing success!… I know your like … Who is this?… and it’s Me…(“Bailey Rae”) or aka.Corrine Williams… Lundyns Mom (AT&T) (combined-billing)..LoL.. -anyway love… I’d be happ to hear from you , when you have time !(336-327-3525) Oh and by the way.. (I love the you-tube videos!!) very informative, and done in very good taste! I def selected “(Like)” after I watched. Keep up the good work!

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