be featured.

ii am new to the natural world so of course ii dont know it all. ii am calling all naturalistas to the mic, to be featured on… isthatyourhair?… 

  • ii am looking for guest bloggers who would like to discuss things like product reviews and any other helpful information 🙂
  • curlies for “curl talk” , tell your hair story HERE!
  • do you have a hair style that you think is o-so-fierce?? send to me and ii will post it! just include the details of the style..braids, twist etc.
  •  since ii have a curlie kiid myself, ii would love to have more curlie kiids to show off 🙂 send in those pics of your curlie kiids!
  • my finace loves my kinks and curls..but ii know not all men do, so ii would  enjoy reading/posting how the fellas really feel. (dnt hold back lol)..

 **also ii will not just be blogging about natural hair..ii also like music, poetry, fashion and books so guest bloggers dont just have to be Natural :)* *


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