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Jordynn’s Easter Twist Out


Holidays are the best! Family, Food and Fun! Yesterday I released Jor’s mini twist and she rocked a very defined twist out for Easter.

What I did:







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Jordynn gets curlformed !

thanks to my chica Danielle, Jor and ii were able to try out the infamous curlformers this weekend. ok my hair didn’t like them to much (sorry no pics)…now Jor’s hair on the other hand loved them, well the first day. ok let me explain.

ii tried the curl formers on my hair thursday night but because my hair is uber thick it was super hard to pull my hair through the rollers and of course my hair wasn’t dry when it was time for me to head to work on friday. but ii didn’t become anti-curl formers tho..ii decided to try them out on Jor’s hair friday night.  what ii did…

  • removed her mini twist
  • lightly spritz’d with water
  • detangled with shower comb and tangle teezer
  • applied olive oil curl pudding to each section for moisture
  • sealed with coconut oil

and volia!

saturday morning  when ii removed the curl formers we both were in love with the curls. they were so shiny and bouncy. she was whipping her hair back and forth, literally.

but after her ballet/tap practice it was nap time. so ii put on her satin bonnet and showed her the “cute way” to sleep so she wouldn’t flatten the curls in the back. ii thought we had a really good plan, lol.

but chiillleee when my baby girl got up those curls were history, as in a has been. *shrug* oh well they were great while they lasted. so sunday ii found myself putting ponytails in her hair, mini twist are going back in sometime this week.

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Baby Imma Be Your Motivation (the curlie kiid edition)

happy friday!


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Mommy Don’t Forget My Edges!


every morning ii moisturzie and seal Jor’s mini twist, which ii might add has become her signature style. and she never forgets to tell me to lay down her edges lol.

ii have been teaching my kid proper hair care and ii must say ii am very proud of her and how to wants to take care of her hair. at night she either sleeps in her bonnet or on her satin pillow case. Jor is a blanket baby, she has had this  one particular blanket since she was 6 months old and HAS to sleep with it every night  and it could easily cause breakage so making sure her hair is properly protected is a must.

but back to the “laying down edges” issue, ii really think me and my child have an addiction to eco-styler gel! we don’t walk out the house unless our edges are down, she even lays them down with her wash rag when she washes her face in the morning. it iis so funny to me, how a four-year old is so concerned with her edges not being as she says..”a hot mess”.

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Dolls & Black Girl’s Self-Esteem


How do you respond to a little girl who thinks she is ugly or that something is not right about her? If your name is Chris Rock, you make a documentary about it. If you’re an average Jane like the rest of us, you fret, you shower her with compliments, and set off to find a beautiful doll that looks like her to drive the message home. The hardest part, however, may be finding that doll.

According to the latest census, the 38.7 million Blacks in the United States spend more than $215 billion annually. Yet our presence and spending power does not make it any easier to find dolls that reflect our skin tones and ethnicity.

-via, read more HERE 

 *quick thought*

christmas is approaching fast and every year ii find it to be a struggle to find Jordynn a black doll. we go from walmart to toys r us and ii notice there aren’t nearly as many african american dolls as there are caucasian dolls on the shelf.

iit offends me because OUR daughters, nieces, cousins etc like to play with baby dolls as well and ii find it to be a  major inconvenience when ii have to hop from store to store in order to find her a good quality baby doll. granted there are african american dolls available for our youngsters but..

why is the quantity so low?

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Baby Imma Be Your Motivation….((the curlie kiid edition.))



Curlie Kiids presents…

*Brooklyn M. Pearson*

birthdate: september 26, 2008

things ii love to do: singing, dancing, and coloring.

-ii’m natural baby!



Jor & Her Mini Twist.

using Jordynn’s blown out hair that she wore during the Halloween weekend ii decided to place mini twist in her hair. this was the first time ii mini-twisted her hair on dry strechted hair, ii usually mini twist her hair wet.

ii finger parted her hair since it was already detangled. the only product ii applied to her hair was BLUE MAGIC. lol yes the grease. ii didn’t apply the grease to her scalp just to her actual hair while ii twisted it, to keep the hair in place.  ii didn’t want to apply a gel to her hair because when ever a water based product is applied to her hair, it causes her hair to curl right up and ii needed her hair to be straght. the grease left her hair feeling light and free.

Jor loves her mini twist and doesn’t want me to take them out..but umm ii think she’s a little too young for locs! lol

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Curlie Kiids: How to Avoid Curlie Hair Bullying.

as many of you know ii am a proud parent of a curlie kiid and ii often wonder how she will handle the negative nancys of the world. you know the ones that are mean for no reason, yea them. ii don’t ever want her to be ashamed of her naturally curlie hair and of course like every other mommy ii want to protect Jordynn from any hurt and pain but of course ii can’t. 


check out these tips on how to avoid the hair bullying HERE.

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Heidi Klum & Her Curlie Kiids

iin an interview with Black Voices Heidi Klum talks about caring for the hair of her curlie kiids:

“I’ve learned to never brush their curly hair when it’s dry because then it’ll frizz. I use lots of conditioner and detangler, and only go to hairdressers who really KNOW how to cut and style curly hair.”

check out  her interview here.

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