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The Curlformers Experience…

A few months ago I “splurged” on a natural hair product for the 1 year anniversary of my big chop (anything over $20 for hair products is considered a splurge in my opinion…call me cheap if you want but I prefer frugal lol). I purchased the curlformers kit after reading several product reviews and watching tutorials. I absolutely LOVE my curlformers. They have become apart of my weekly routine and come in very handy for special occasions or whenever I just want a different look. Here’s a quick review of curlformers…from my opinion of course:


*Perfect spirals…being that I am a bit “challenged” when it comes to styling my own hair, the fact that I can do a almost perfect rod set myself is a big plus!

*Great for stretching…As you guys know I experience ALOT of shrinkage so I prefer to style on stretch hair. With curlformers I get a really good stretch without having to use any heat which is awesome.

* Ease of Use…curlformers are really easy to use in my opinion. You may have to refer to the directions for the first few but after you get the hang of it the rest is a breeze

*Easy to Sleep On…this is very important to me. One of the things that I love most about curlformers is that on those nights when I’m not sleeping so pretty, I never wake up to see one on the pillowcase, on the floor or in the sheets. These things stay put even when i’m fighting my husband tossing and turning during my sleep.


*Cost…I purchased the curlformers salon kit from Sally’s which costs about $70. The set included 40 Long Wide curlformers, 6 Short & Wide and a Curlformer Hook. You can purchase individual packs of curlformers as well but if you plan to style your entire head I recommend that you purchase the salon or styling kit.

*Longevity of the Style…typically my curls only last about 2 to 3 days when I do a curlformer set. After the 3rd day I usually flat twist which turns out really cute with the left over curl definition.

Last week after co-washing my hair I decided to do a curlformer set. The products I used were: Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll, SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and I also used Jane Carter Solution nourish & shine to separate the curls. Check out some pics below:




Hugs & Hearts,



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Accessorize Your Winter

Soo Winter technically doesnt begin until December 22nd but the weather is already cold and brisk. I have noticed that alot of ladies especially Naturals have been rocking some super cute winter hats and hair accessories. Being that I have been sick like forever and have not had the energy to do anything to my hair, I too have been covering my hair with beanies, hats and berets. The great thing about this trend is that it doesnt really require alot. I wore a beanie all last week and the only thing that I did in the morning was moisturize, put my satin bonnet back on and throw the beanie on top of it. Doesnt get any better than that right?

Here are some in-expensive yet stylish ideas:

Forever 21 has a wide variety of winter hats that are very cheap. (And we all like cheap!) Most of which are about $5-$6. Here are a few that are featured on their website


The hat below is also from Forever 21, though it is a little more expensive. Its a change from the berets and beanies but is still fashionable and trendy:Not into hats? Try scarves or cowl-neck sweaters. These are also great ways to protect your ends from harsh winter winds.

Get Versatile:

Try a flat twist or a cornrow in the front with the beanie on the back

Rock a twist/braid-out in the front with your beret in the back

Only have 1 hat at the moment? Clip a flower or bow to your hat for a different look. You can attach it with a safety or bobby pin.

***NOTE TO NATURALS*** Please be sure to wear a satin bonnet underneath your winter headwear, this keeps the hair moisturized and protects your ends which is always the main goal anyway!

Hugs & Hearts,


(note from Temoura- ii have the blue hat with the bow but mine is in pink. loves it!)

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The Transitioning Buddy

via Bennii Blast

Over the last few months I have noticed that while I have been transitioning, someone else has been transitioning with me. When my S.O and I are out somewhere, he’ll point out anyone that appears to have natural hair and make sure I have seen their luscious kinks and curls. There are also times when he points out a really bad weave and does not even attempt to hide how he feels about it.

Effectively, he is trying to remind me of my goal and the past I do not wish to revisit, of which I am grateful for. He asks many questions regarding my hair and the benefits of natural products, such as coconut oil, and genuinely seems interested in learning the ins and outs of natural hair. There was also a point where he suggested growing his hair with me and big chopping at the same time, but after I decided I wanted to wait it out a little while longer, he plans to cut sooner.  The point is – he’s trying.

It has benefited me greatly having someone to unleash my hair rants to, or bore with information about how great a product is and not judge me in any way for it. As great as all the blogs and YouTube channels are, it is always a bonus to have someone who knows you personally jumping through the hoops with you, whether it is a relative or a close friend.

                                                 Do you have a transitioning buddy?

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