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Sew-in to Wash n Go

I know I have been a little MIA with the hairstyle updates, but that’s because I have been rocking a sew-in for the last two weeks. I don’t have many pics of the do, but I was able to snap this one, right before I took it out on Friday.


Friday night life with some of my favorite chicas :).

(I tried a new product for my wash-n-go but I am going to try it a few more times before doing an official product review on it)

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4 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Isn’t Soft

via Clutch Magazine

When making the transition to natural, you may have notice that your hair feels like steel wool or your hair feels a bit rough. The ultimate goal for natural hair is to have soft, pliable strands that make it easier to style and handle on a daily basis.

If your natural hair isn’t soft as you would like it to be, here are a few reasons why your curls may feel hard:

You’re Not Moisturizing Correctly

Since coarse hair tends to be dry, it’s important to make sure your hair is moisturized. The best way to add moisture to your hair is using a spray bottle to spritz water into your curls.

Do not make the mistake of sealing products with moisturizing products. Moisturizing product is simply water or a product with water as the base ingredient. Sealing product is oil such as coconut oil. Putting a sealing product on an un-moisturized strand equals more dryness. You never want the strands to be dry on the inside and coated with a product on the outside.

Remember to always seal your ends.

Products Are Just Building Up

Some of us only use two products to keep our hair healthy. Some of us use a grocery list of products to maintain our curls. No matter how much products you use, you want to avoid having product buildup.

It is very easy to pile product on and on. When you go overboard, you can create a dirty, itchy scalp that is greasy, waxy, and heavy.

To remove product buildup, you can use clarifying rinses with apple cider vinegar, organic hair wash, or mud washes.

A Product Becomes Harmful, Not Helpful

Take a closer look at all the products you use. You want to be cautious of shampoos containing sulfate and products containing baking soda.

If you wash your hair and it feels extremely clean, it may be a sign that you have stripped your cuticles of natural oils. This can lead to breakage as well as more dryness. If your products are too harsh, do not use them. To restore your hair’s moisture, you should thoroughly condition your curls after washing it.

Your Hair Is Saying No to Moisture

When your hair can’t retain moisture, you may need a protein treatment or stay away from products that are too high in alkalinity like sulfate shampoos and baking soda. You can use porosity controller products as well.

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Overcoming The “Dryness”

Tomeka asks:

I want to start getting my hair back healthy and natural but I don’t know what to do, it’s very dry and my edges are breaking off. Any suggestions?

TC response:

We all hate the “dryness” that our hair has and what I’ve learned through my natural hair journey for me it was all about finding the right conditioner, moisturizer and sealant.

  • It took many trials and errors to find the right conditioner that KEPT my hair feeling soft…after it dried. Your conditioner plays an important role in keeping your hair from being dry because many of us wash our hair with shampoo ( I don’t) and you need a good conditioner to restore the moisture that the shampoo has stripped from your hair. Deep Conditioning is also a must when trying to regain the moisture in your hair, you should try to DC as least every two weeks if your suffering from dry hair, It’s also good to follow-up your conditioner rinse out with a good leave in conditioner. My conditioner recommendations are..
  • Herbel Essesnce Hello Hydration
  • Aussie Moist
  • Suave Coconut
  • Suave Shea Butter (new)
  •  After I got my conditioner down, I moved on to finding a good moisturizer. There are so many products out there that swear they will define your curls so good, you’ll wake up looking line Traci Ellis Ross! lol, but seriously I was not into buying all these miracle products. I took baby steps in finding a good moisturizer, I would buy one new product about every 3 weeks. I didn’t want to get pulled into being a product junkie. Rule number one with finding a good moisturizer is making sure the first ingredient is water, water is great for our hair, it loves it..I promise! Moisturizer’s that  I recommend are..
  • Water!
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Shea Moisture Curling Milk
  • Organic Hair Mayo
  • Olive Oil Curling Pudding
  • Miss Jesse’s Curling Pudding
  •  Having a good conditioner and moisturizer becomes useless if you don’t have a good sealant to lock the moisture in. Sealant’s that I currently use..
  • Coconut oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Melted Shea Butter

additional tips..

  • Scalp massages with a warm oil, and taking vitamins such as Biotin can also  help with thinning edges.
  • Always remember to sleep on a satin pillowcase or in a satin bonnet to retain moisture.
  • try to stay away from products that contain alcohol, they tend to cause dryness.

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Just a Little Bit of YouTube’n.

Good Morning Dolls!

Last night I started my very own YouTube Channel. I am excited yet nervous about this new venture but I hope to help and inspire fellow curlies out there. I am always getting asked about particular styles that I wear, and sometimes my words just don’t explain it right, lol. So I decided a YT channel is the best way to connect with my readers and bring my words to life!

My first video is just a quick Intro of who I am and why I created the channel mixed with my Night Time Routine.  –>> Link.

My second video is my Twist Out Take Down. (the look in the photo above)  –> Link.

Don’t Forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUB ! ^_^


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Braids Be Gone.


Saturday was the final day of the box braids, ii missed my hair…badly.

What I did…

  • removed the box braids
  • spritz hair with water
  • twisted using Olive Oil Curlying Pudding
  • sealed with coconut oil

(this was all done between the hours of 4:30am – 8:00am, -_-)

Jordynn had dance practice at 10:00 am so mommy had to pin the twist up so she didn’t look so rough while hanging with the dance moms. lol

Viola! The BEST twist out of my life right here folks! I was so geeked because my hair was hanging down and not up. Life changer I promise you.

I decided to switch up the pattern a little bit on Sunday. I braided my hair instead of twisting it..using the same products listed above, and Bam a very fluffy braidout!


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Protective Styling: Box Braids

YES!! I finally have the hair break ii needed! My newest protective style: Box Braids.

The  braids were installed last Friday afternoon..on my off day. I actually attempted to install these myself but after it took me about an hour just to do about 5 braids ii knew ii needed some help. (disclaimer: I’ve never braided with weave before). Luckly one of my friends came by and saved the day ^_^. Thank God for good friends right?

I used about 6 packs of Vivca Fox’s 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair in a number 4  ($1.99 a pack at my local BSS)

I really love these braids, mainly because they give me a few extra minutes  to lay in my bed in the morning. ha! No, but seriously ii needed this hair break, being natural can become a little frustrating at times and that’s when I know it’s time for me to protective style!

I hope to wear these braids for a at least a month, but I might start missing my hair…so we’ll see 🙂

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When Natural Hair Frustrations Set In

yup, natural hair frustrations. that’s exactly what ii am going through right now. don’t get me wrong ii love my natural hair but it can become a “bit much” at times. and this is one of those times.

ii don’t feel like washing or detangling, ii don’t feel like deep conditioning or sealing. ii don’t feel like twisting or braiding. ii just don’t feel like doing anything to this head. CAN I LIVE?? lol

 but seriously ii think it’s time for a change. ii think it’s time for a blow out. time for my hair to be straight for a little while, so ii can just wrap it up at night and that’s it. now ii am very hair frustrated right now but ii am definitely not to the point of relaxing again. that’s a tad bit extreme.

ii wanted to post a few pics of how ii have been wearing my hair this week… don’t laugh.

  • Monday- two chunky two-strand twist pinned back with twist out bang.

  • Tuesday- textured bun with twist out bang.

  • Wednesday- wash n go baby puff with bang.





From Twisted Updo To Twist Out

so monday night it was time to go back to what ii love. protective styling. ii placed about 10 chunky two strand twist all over my head, using water to moisturize and melted shea butter to seal. ii didn’t pin the twist up that night, ii just threw my bonnet on and went night night.

the next morning, ii grabbed my bobby pins and started pinning twist up. ii usually don’t have a vision when ii do updos ii kinda just play it by ear. sorry ii dnt have any pics of the back, its kinda hard to take a pic at that angle lol.

 ii wore the twisted updo for 2 days and today ii let her loose. this morning ii just untwisted my two strand twist and placed a flat two strand twist on the left side and a small pomp on the right side.

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This Week’s Hair…so far.

the best thing about being on #teamNatural is the versatility your hair has!

sunday night was my wash night, so after the hour detangling session ii twisted my hair up  to prepare myself for a twist out for work on monday. well since ii didn’t actually didn’t finish twisting my hair till about 8pm my hair was  still very wet the next morning. so ii grabbed a head band and formed the updo/puff that is the pic above. ii call it a updo/puff because ii didn’t pull the band as tight as ii usually do for a puff & ii used bobby pins to pin up any extra hair that was hanging low. to twist my hair ii used organic hair mayo and shea butter.

that night ii decided ii will try my twist out again, so ii lightly sprayed my hair with leave in conditioner and used shea butter to seal.

the pic below is from twist out Tuesday!

well hello there Wednesday, ii decided this morning that ii was going to do a tuck n roll because the temp has dropped here in NC and my hair dries out quickly. and you guys know ii love me some protective styles, so ii grabbed my bobby pins and went to work.

use your hair as a canvas the possiblites are limitless!

the earrings featured in this post can be found at my etsy shop. #shopTemouraChanel

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Adventures In Henna

henna, henna..o ii how ii love thee. a few days before christmas ii decided iit was time to henna this head,ii used CurlyNikki’s henna gloss recipe.  henna is a very good conditioning treatment that also helps strengthen the hair strands, not to mention iit gives your hair a reddish tint that ii have grown very fond of. here’s a few pics from my process.. 

before pic: ii just took my hair out of a updo protective style and my hair was uber dry

once ii made my henna mix- (using 2  boxes of jamila henna, aussie moist conditioner and apple cider vinegar) ii sectioned my hair into four sections,  as if ii was applying a relaxer. and used hair clips to hold the hair in place. ii then applied the mixture to each section, making sure the henna is applied to each strand.

*tip* use old clothes when applying henna, because it can be very messy. make sure you cover the area your using up with towels or news paper, trust me.

after the henna was good and heavy on my head it was time to throw a shower cap on for four hours and let the henna do it’s thing. ii usually let the henna stay in overnight, but ii didn’t have that type of time so four hours would just have to do this time around..

once ii rinsed the henna out it was time to deep condition. the pic above is after ii DC’d and detangled my hair. see the red tint?!

styling after ii was done with the henna process was a braid out. which ii released on christmas. pics below…

the earrings featured in this post can be found at my etsy shop #shopTemouraChanel.

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