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Protective Styling: Box Braids

YES!! I finally have the hair break ii needed! My newest protective style: Box Braids.

The  braids were installed last Friday afternoon..on my off day. I actually attempted to install these myself but after it took me about an hour just to do about 5 braids ii knew ii needed some help. (disclaimer: I’ve never braided with weave before). Luckly one of my friends came by and saved the day ^_^. Thank God for good friends right?

I used about 6 packs of Vivca Fox’s 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair in a number 4  ($1.99 a pack at my local BSS)

I really love these braids, mainly because they give me a few extra minutes  to lay in my bed in the morning. ha! No, but seriously ii needed this hair break, being natural can become a little frustrating at times and that’s when I know it’s time for me to protective style!

I hope to wear these braids for a at least a month, but I might start missing my hair…so we’ll see 🙂


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From Twisted Updo To Twist Out

so monday night it was time to go back to what ii love. protective styling. ii placed about 10 chunky two strand twist all over my head, using water to moisturize and melted shea butter to seal. ii didn’t pin the twist up that night, ii just threw my bonnet on and went night night.

the next morning, ii grabbed my bobby pins and started pinning twist up. ii usually don’t have a vision when ii do updos ii kinda just play it by ear. sorry ii dnt have any pics of the back, its kinda hard to take a pic at that angle lol.

 ii wore the twisted updo for 2 days and today ii let her loose. this morning ii just untwisted my two strand twist and placed a flat two strand twist on the left side and a small pomp on the right side.

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Protective Styling: Crochet Braids

ii know ii have been a little slack in updating you guys on my current hairstyles, but im back to share my new protective style..crochet braids.

ii know when some people hear “crochet braids” they think about the old school curly braids some girls used to rock back in middle school, but oo how times have changed.  check it out..

materials ii used:

  • crochet needle


  • 100% kanekalon braiding hair

to achieve this style you want to have your hair cornrowed going towards the back. you then take small pieces of the braiding hair and crochet it into the cornrow. ii like to start at the back and make my way forwards. this style can be a little bit time-consuming (about 4 hours)  but it can last for weeks at a time, depending on how well you take care it.  for a more detailed tutorial click  HERE.



as you can see from the pics ii have listed, ii left a tiny portion of my hair out in the front to cover the closure of the crochet braids to give it more of a natural look.  YES ii flat ironed my hair..eekkk. but of course ii used a heat protectant and ii DON’T flat-iron it everyday. ii have had these crochet braids in for about a week now and they still look good 🙂

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The Mini Twist are Out !

the mini twist are out. ii took them out last thursday and let my hair breathe for a couple of hours before ii went to get a roller set for the weekend. ii rocked a mini twist-out for the remainder of the day. (ii took the mini twist out while at work lol, peep the pic below)

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Accessorize Your Winter

Soo Winter technically doesnt begin until December 22nd but the weather is already cold and brisk. I have noticed that alot of ladies especially Naturals have been rocking some super cute winter hats and hair accessories. Being that I have been sick like forever and have not had the energy to do anything to my hair, I too have been covering my hair with beanies, hats and berets. The great thing about this trend is that it doesnt really require alot. I wore a beanie all last week and the only thing that I did in the morning was moisturize, put my satin bonnet back on and throw the beanie on top of it. Doesnt get any better than that right?

Here are some in-expensive yet stylish ideas:

Forever 21 has a wide variety of winter hats that are very cheap. (And we all like cheap!) Most of which are about $5-$6. Here are a few that are featured on their website


The hat below is also from Forever 21, though it is a little more expensive. Its a change from the berets and beanies but is still fashionable and trendy:Not into hats? Try scarves or cowl-neck sweaters. These are also great ways to protect your ends from harsh winter winds.

Get Versatile:

Try a flat twist or a cornrow in the front with the beanie on the back

Rock a twist/braid-out in the front with your beret in the back

Only have 1 hat at the moment? Clip a flower or bow to your hat for a different look. You can attach it with a safety or bobby pin.

***NOTE TO NATURALS*** Please be sure to wear a satin bonnet underneath your winter headwear, this keeps the hair moisturized and protects your ends which is always the main goal anyway!

Hugs & Hearts,


(note from Temoura- ii have the blue hat with the bow but mine is in pink. loves it!)

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Happy Friday!

iit’s the first weekend of  December

and yours truly will be 25 on the 27th, so ii plan to celebrate ALL month long!

ii hope everyone has a safe & fun weekend!


(style in photo: mini twist updo with bang)

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Mini Twist: Full Head Tuck n Roll

ii thought ii’d get a little creative with my mini twist yesterday, so ii grabbed my water bottle, olive oil (new found love), my bobby pins && went to work.

  • ii started by  spritzing my hair with water, then sealed with oil
  • ii started on my front right side and simply flat two strand twisted the twists and secured with bobby pins
  • after that ii rolled then tucked the rest of the hair all the way around my head..



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Turkey Day Hair

this is the second time ii’ve done mini twist in my hair (ii first tried mini twist back in june) and since my hair has grown a little longer since then now ii can try different styles.  for turkey day ii decided to wear my mini twist in a high bun with a bang.

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Protective Style: Mini Twist

iif you are my friend on facebook you may have seen me post pics of my new protective style: mini twist.

ii twisted my hair last tuesday, and ii actually had zero intentions on twisting my hair that day, ii say that because ii wore my hair in a braid out puff with a bang to work..

…and by the time ii left,  ii had more than half of my head twisted up. honestly last week  ii started to become fustrated with my hair  and im not sure why. all ii know is that ii wanted my hair done in a protective style so ii didn’t have to style it everyday. between work, school and mommying ii really don’t have the energy nor do ii want to bother with my hair every night.

just a few pics of the mini twist below…

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Last Week’s Hair: “The Updo”

last week ii went  back to what ii love.. a two strand twist up do..just a few pics below.

style was done on freshly washed and detangled hair, ii used Olive Oil Smooth & Hold Pudding and sealed with grapeseed oil.

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