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#Loseit Tip Of The Day

Syrupy Suds

Skip the soda. Seriously. A study from Harvard found that women who increased their intake from one sugar-sweetened soft drink a week, to one a day, gained an average of 10 pounds.


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ii will teach her.

my daughter iis truly my mini me. everything ii do, she wants to do. so with that being said my goal iin life to make sure ii guide her in the right direction. being a parent is much more than a word, our children look up to us, we are their heros and iit iis our responsibility to set a good example. ii wanted to list a few things that ii plan to “teach her” over the growing years of her life.

  • ii will teach her to always love & respect herself
  • ii will teach her to stand for something, or she’ll fall for anything
  • ii will teach her to always turn to prayer, God is always there to help
  • ii will teach her to set goals for herself & strive to achieve them
  • ii will teach her that nothing in life is easy, and to never give up
  • ii will teach her to love herself for the person she was created to be
  • ii will teach her that yes ii am mommy, but mommy can also be someone she can talk to.. about anything.
  • ii will teach her that dreams do come true
  • and lastly…
  • ii will teach her how to take care of her natural hair! (of course ii was gonna throw that one in there, geesh.)

what will you teach your little one?

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Poem: Beauty

I find, in being Black,
a thing of “Beauty”;
like a joy; a strength;
a secret cup of gladness …
a native land in neither time nor place …
a native land in every Black face!
Be loyal to yourselves;
your skin;
your hair;
your lips;
your speech;
your laughing kinds
are Black kingdoms,
vast as any other.
— Ossie Davis


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Solange does iit again ladies. ii freakin love her natural hair swag!


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Today We Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.

“Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people will get to the promised land.”

** ii will be forever grateful to Dr. King, he made this possible!**


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Do You Paint Your Lips?

as ii was looking at the pics that ii posted monday and tuesday on facebook and noticed that ii have taken a extra interest in colored lipsticks these days.

ii never thought that ii would be a lipstick girl, but it seems like ever since ii accepted my naturally kinky hair as who ii am, it has allowed to step out side the box even more.

my lipstick collection has actually increased and ii have colors from brown, to red to all different shades of pink. ii found some pretty dope shades ii wanna try…

MAC- To The Beach

MAC- Pink Friday

so ladies ii ask the question… do you paint your lips? if so what are your favorite shades?

the earrings featured in this post can be found at my etsy shop #shopTemouraChanel.

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today ii turned 25, half of 50! oowwee child, im old lol

but on a serious tip ii feel so blessed to see this day. many ppl didn’t make it to see their 25 birthday, so who am ii to complain?

ii am proud of me and the accomplishments ii have achieved over the last couple of years with the help of God, Family and Close Friends.

even though iit’s raining here in NC AND ii have to work, ii plan to make the best of this birthday! birthday dinner tonight with friends && family.

ii look forward to the next birthday, the one after that and the one after that!

thanx for checking in!,

 love you guys, even tho y’all don’t comment ii see ya! *muah*


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Merry Christmas !

wishing you guys a VERY Merry Christmas. presents are nice & all but always remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

 enjoy your family and loved ones ! 🙂


TemouraChanel & Family

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How Are You Loving You?

via Arielle Loren of Clutch Magazine

 As 2011 comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on the many lessons that I’ve learned about love. First and foremost, I’ve learned to love me. I love me unconditionally. I love me for my imperfections. I love me for my brightness. I love me for my wholeness. I love me through it all. Self-love was a huge ongoing lesson for me in 2011, as it required me to make decisions and sacrifices keeping “me” in mind. I transitioned into a full-time writing career, which increased my happiness tenfold but required a huge pay cut after leaving my full-time marketing gig. I changed my lifestyle from a stressed livelihood in New York City to a tranquil daily life Bahia, Brasil. And I made a decision to stop giving myself to someone who cared for me, but wasn’t in a space to give me the level of partnership that I desired. With all of these lessons and life modifications, I’ve started to ask myself what kind of love I need for 2012. And I figured the exercise would be a good one for you too.

Self-love: It’s the beginning and the end. All things, decisions, and solutions that you come up with must be rooted in self-love; otherwise, they won’t sustain themselves. Because loving yourself will inspire you to keep “you” in mind in the other areas of your life, I’d recommend that you get to know your desires, what makes you happy, and what brings you fulfillment on a daily basis. This is an ongoing journey, one that you should walk in 2012 and keep trekking for the rest of your life.

Career: Money matters. Anyone who tells you different is lying. But passion matters more. There are ways to make money doing what you love. But the key is for you to be hungry, digging for ways to monetize your interests or supporting yourself in other ways that allow you to focus the majority of time on your passions. Passionate, financially stable careers do not happen overnight. If you’re not willing to grind for a long time, not get paid sufficiently for awhile, and network like your life depends on it, a passion-filled career may not be for you. Think about how bad you want it, or if you’re already on your journey toward it, how bad you want to keep going. Then, ask if your current career is keeping you true to your goal of self-love. Decide from there.

Lifestyle: Stress kills. It’s not normal to wake up everyday feeling like your life sucks and wishing you could change almost everything about it. You need to do things that again reinforce you loving you. Do you meditate? Do you exercise and feed your body with food that will make it pure and strong? Do you keep close friends that remind you of your greatness and why you can’t settle for less? Have you built relationships with your family that allow you to love you first but also respect their needs for kindness and affection? All of these things contribute to your lifestyle, so focus on bringing peace to all of these pieces. In addition, consider the next topic below.

Relationships: Being in love is the most beautiful feeling when it’s healthy love. Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship, love is something that we should try to emit and evolve in with all of the men or women that enter our love lives. With self-love as your guide, you should love people as you want to be loved, fearlessly, vulnerably, and deeply. If you see that they’re incapable of returning that love and unwilling to work toward it, then you move on. But when you put the type of love you want into the universe, eventually, you’ll attract someone who wants the same type of love that you do. Don’t settle. But don’t clam up and stop loving either.

How are you planning to love you in 2012? Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to figure it out. Speak on it now.

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Public Swimming Pool: White Only

come on son, its 2011. smh

article via

CNN — The Ohio Civil Rights Commission in Columbus will revisit next month a case it has already determined probably represents unlawful interference with housing rights on the basis of race.

The case was brought by Michael Gunn, a white man who had unrestricted access to the pool area for himself and his guests during the nearly two years he lived in a duplex in Cincinnati, he told CNN in a telephone interview.

Gunn said he and his girlfriend, who is also white, lived upstairs; their 31-year-old landlord lived downstairs. “It’s a very nice neighborhood, racially mixed,” said Gunn, a software engineer.

But it turned not-so-nice last Memorial Day, when he invited his 10-year-old biracial daughter to visit and swim in the pool, he said.

“Complainant states that the owner, Jamie Hein, accused his daughter of making the pool ‘cloudy’ because she used chemicals in her hair,” the commission said in its summary. “Days later, the owner posted a sign on the gate to the pool which read, ‘Public Swimming Pool, White Only.'”

Hein, who did not respond to a call from CNN, told the commission that she had received the sign from a friend and posted it in early May, the summary says. Several people interviewed by the commission staff confirmed that they had seen the sign, it added.

Gunn said he was “outraged” and made arrangements to find another place to live as soon as he could.

“We were extremely upset and moved out on June 21, 2011, in order to not expose my daughter to the sign and the humiliation of the message,” Gunn wrote in his complaint.

He said he never confronted Hein about the matter, but has no doubt that the sign was intended for his daughter. “She’s the only black person that I’ve ever known to swim in the pool,” he said.

Gunn said he sought to keep his daughter from finding out about it. “As white people, it’s kind of embarrassing,” he said.

But his ex-wife told their daughter, who became “quite upset,” said Gunn, who added that they live in a “nicer, more diverse” neighborhood now. “She can use the pool any time she wants, and there’s plenty of black kids that swim in the pool with her, too, and they’re not clouding it up.”

The commission’s initial investigation concluded that the posting of the sign “restricts the social contact between Caucasians and African Americans as well as reinforcing discrimination actions that are aimed at oppressing all ‘people of color.'”

But Hein has asked the commissioners to reconsider their original finding. The case, which was to have been heard Friday, was rescheduled for January 12 after Hein’s lawyer failed to show up, Gunn said.

“The one thing I hope to get out of this is that it wakes people up to realize that there are still people out there that feel this way,” Gunn said.

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