**Curl Talk With…

 And you are?  Hi! I’m Charity Brown How long have you been on your Natural Journey? My last relaxer was sometime in early 2006.

Why did you decide to go Natural? I went natural because I saw no reason not to. I literally made the decision to go natural akin to when someone decides what they’re going to have for lunch. At the beginning, there was no deep, foreboding thoughts about it. I just saw pictures of beautiful black women in magazines with natural hair one day and I said “Hey, I wanna do that.” I talked with my stylist at the time (who styled natural and relaxed hair and was also natural), and she then began to discuss with the benefits of natural hair and the dangers of chemical processing. After the discussion, it solidified my feeling that I could no longer (and SHOULD NOT!) alter the hair that was growing out of my head through chemical processes.

Did you big chop or transition? I transitioned with sew-ins over a period of 10 months. My stylist in Durham would cut the relaxed ends off my hair in between sew-ins and lightly pressed my hair to match the texture of the sew-in.

What is your current regimen and what are your favorite products? Honestly I don’t have a hair regimen. I often alternate between the “straightened” look and wearing my curls. When I wear my kinks, my favorite style is a twist out using Carol’s Daughter’s Loc Butter. I also use her line of products for deep conditioning (Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie) and daily moisture (Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner spray; Lisa’s Hair Elixir, hair oil). I also use Cantu products. My favorite “product” is WATER (and my spray bottle)!!!!

What is the best thing about being Natural? I love being natural! I believe the best thing about being natural is the versatility. With my natural hair, I never get bored! As I said before, I go back and forth between my curls and the “straightened” look (i.e., blowout). I also love using hair accessories and playing around with different twisting methods when wearing my curls. When I wear my kinks, I also LOVE that I don’t have to be scared of the rain!

Any words of encouragement for the newbies? Stick with it because it’s worth it. You have an inner beauty that shines through because of your confidence and self-love and choice to be uniquely different!

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