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And you are? Michelle

Why did you decide to go natural?  had my last relaxer in October of 2007. I was curious to know what my natural hair looked like because of what I knew was in my bloodline (Caucasian and Indian) and because of the pictures I had seen of my ancestors. I had planned on getting a relazer once I had an idea of what my hair looked like because again I was only curious. I never did a big chop. I only transitioned and got occasional trims. After I fully transitioned, I was in love with my hair!!! I began to notice that it was healthier and fuller. I loved the versatility of it. My curls were to die for!!!  I learned alot about myself along my journey. I was never a patient person and amazingly enough, the journey taught me to be patient and endure. Because honey there were many times I wanted to say “Child forget this. Give me a perm NOW!!” lol. It is a decision that I will never regret.

What is your current regimen and what are your favorite products?  Currently my hair is straight due to the many weddings I was in during the last couple of weeks of the summer. But my go to style was my wash n go. After washing and conditioning I used EVOO and EcoStyler Gel and I was out the door. I would change up my WnG routine often as I am a product junkie. Sometimes I used Garnier leave-in and EVOO or I would use the Hair Rules Curly Whip. But my favorite is the EVOO and Eco Styler on my edges. For days 3-4 I just spritz water and use Curls Lavish Curls Moisturizer. My other go to style is to twist my hair into an updo. It looks best with an old WnG or twistout.I also like to pin up about half of my hair on one side. Almost like a half mohawk. I have a lot of products that I like. My favorites have been Herbal Essences Totally Twisted shampoo, Suave Rosemary and Mint Conditioner, Jane Carter Conditioner, Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner, all Cantu Products, Garnier Leave-In Cream, Carol’s Daughter shampoos and moisturizers, Deva Care products, Hair Rules, the list goes on but these are the top ones that I really like.

What is the best thing about being Natural?  The best thing about being Natural as I said before is the versatility. I also love the low maintenance. It feels good to be able to get up and go. I also love how my hair feels now. My hair is super soft, full of body, and grows so fast. When I had a relaxer my hair was super thin and constantly breaking. I love not having chemicals in my hair. It’s helping me to try and live a more healthy lifestyle as well.

Any words of encouragement for the newbies?  For those who are new to this journey, this is only the beginning. If you are transitioning, don’t BREAK!! You can and will make it to the end. This journey is a life changing one and you will not regret it. Just hold on a little while longer. You will be thankful that you did!

*The picture of me with the short hair was the last time I had a perm, October 2007. The rest are after I fully transitioned*

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