**Curl Talk With….

And you are?   TINA
-Last perm March 2010

Why did you decide to go Natural? One of the reasons I decided to go natural is because 1) I never really did anything to my hair besides a ponytail or a wrap. 2) I really just got tired of the perm process u know. I mean you spend $50 or $60 dollars and in 2 or 3 weeks your hair is back to square one, and don’t get caught in the rain lol you just wasted your money.

What is your current regimen and what are your favorite products? I would have to say, since I am I starting locks there isn’t much I have to do to my hair besides keep my hair moist, du-rag on it EVERY night, and seeing my naturalist (Sister Moon) so she can wash my hair and keep my locks up. The natural products I use on my hair “Nature’s Blessings Oil and Grease”. I try not use different products on my hair because it could mess up my locks.

What is the best thing about being Natural?  The best thing about being natural is NO MORE RUNNING WHEN IT STARTS RAINING, it is easy to manage, its saves me money 

Any words of encouragement for the newbies? YES!!! If you are thinking about going natural do it because you want to do it NOT because you feel like its a new trend. Also DO NOT let everyone do your hair unless you want your hair to fall out, deal with people that only work with natural hair. Just because your friend is natural does not mean she knows EVERYTHING about being natural. Finally going natural was the best move I’ve ever made, it gets rough at first but in the long run YOU WILL LOVE IT all you need is that push and that what this website is for. #TeamNatural

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