Jor & Her Mini Twist.

using Jordynn’s blown out hair that she wore during the Halloween weekend ii decided to place mini twist in her hair. this was the first time ii mini-twisted her hair on dry strechted hair, ii usually mini twist her hair wet.

ii finger parted her hair since it was already detangled. the only product ii applied to her hair was BLUE MAGIC. lol yes the grease. ii didn’t apply the grease to her scalp just to her actual hair while ii twisted it, to keep the hair in place.  ii didn’t want to apply a gel to her hair because when ever a water based product is applied to her hair, it causes her hair to curl right up and ii needed her hair to be straght. the grease left her hair feeling light and free.

Jor loves her mini twist and doesn’t want me to take them out..but umm ii think she’s a little too young for locs! lol

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