Jordynn gets curlformed !

thanks to my chica Danielle, Jor and ii were able to try out the infamous curlformers this weekend. ok my hair didn’t like them to much (sorry no pics)…now Jor’s hair on the other hand loved them, well the first day. ok let me explain.

ii tried the curl formers on my hair thursday night but because my hair is uber thick it was super hard to pull my hair through the rollers and of course my hair wasn’t dry when it was time for me to head to work on friday. but ii didn’t become anti-curl formers tho..ii decided to try them out on Jor’s hair friday night.  what ii did…

  • removed her mini twist
  • lightly spritz’d with water
  • detangled with shower comb and tangle teezer
  • applied olive oil curl pudding to each section for moisture
  • sealed with coconut oil

and volia!

saturday morning  when ii removed the curl formers we both were in love with the curls. they were so shiny and bouncy. she was whipping her hair back and forth, literally.

but after her ballet/tap practice it was nap time. so ii put on her satin bonnet and showed her the “cute way” to sleep so she wouldn’t flatten the curls in the back. ii thought we had a really good plan, lol.

but chiillleee when my baby girl got up those curls were history, as in a has been. *shrug* oh well they were great while they lasted. so sunday ii found myself putting ponytails in her hair, mini twist are going back in sometime this week.

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