Jordynn’s Wash Day.

the pic above is Jor’s hair before ii washed and detangled it. ii wash and detangle her hair probably three times a month. her hair isn’t very oily and grows better when dirty. ii also like to manipulate her hair as little as possible.

to wash her hair ii used aussie moist. (no shampoo)

ii section her hair into four parts.using duckbill clips to hold the hair together. starting from the back ii apply conditioner to one section. then finger comb it through the strands. ii gently cleanse her scalp, careful not to be too rough or use my finger nails. ii split that one section of hair into two sections to detangle. ii detangle with a shower comb, starting from  the bottom and moving my way to the top.  ii then rinse the conditioner out, two strand twist the section ii just washed & detangled, re-clip the hair and moved on to next section.

after that 30 minute process.. ii placed chunky two strand twist in her hair for the school week. using the same method ii used when washing her hair. taking one section at at time, leaving the unused hair clipped.

to style her hair ii used…

cantu leave in conditioner, just for me cream conditioner and aphogee’s leave in conditioner. ((alot of conditioners ii know lol)) ii sealed her hair with pure shea butter.


she wanted to pull the back up into a ponytail.



ii keep Jor’s styles simple. less iis more in her case. her hair lives for protective styles and little manipulation.

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