Mommy..Am I Black or White?

*brings car to a screeching halt*…lol not really tho. but to say ii was taken back was a understatement.

thiis question was brought to me by four year old, pre-k student while driving home from school one day. this is her first year in a big girl school, so ii kind of expected these type of questions EVENTUALLY…but not just yet.

my first question to her was “what made you ask that”? and her reply was because her friend is white and she wanted to know iif she was white too. ii tell her that she is black and God made her perfect just the way she is. Jor says to me: maybe ii can ask God to make me white too?


ii had to explain to Jordynn that she is black and black is beautiful.

this iis one of the reason’s why ii love the fact that her hair is natural. ii want her to embrace her natural african american being. every kink and every curl. ii want my daughter to love who she is and not ever want to change anything about herself.

 this conversation was the hardest one yet in my new journey of parenthood, to say the least. does it get any easier?? ….ii guess not.

have you ever had to face these type of questions?

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