Accessorize Your Winter

Soo Winter technically doesnt begin until December 22nd but the weather is already cold and brisk. I have noticed that alot of ladies especially Naturals have been rocking some super cute winter hats and hair accessories. Being that I have been sick like forever and have not had the energy to do anything to my hair, I too have been covering my hair with beanies, hats and berets. The great thing about this trend is that it doesnt really require alot. I wore a beanie all last week and the only thing that I did in the morning was moisturize, put my satin bonnet back on and throw the beanie on top of it. Doesnt get any better than that right?

Here are some in-expensive yet stylish ideas:

Forever 21 has a wide variety of winter hats that are very cheap. (And we all like cheap!) Most of which are about $5-$6. Here are a few that are featured on their website


The hat below is also from Forever 21, though it is a little more expensive. Its a change from the berets and beanies but is still fashionable and trendy:Not into hats? Try scarves or cowl-neck sweaters. These are also great ways to protect your ends from harsh winter winds.

Get Versatile:

Try a flat twist or a cornrow in the front with the beanie on the back

Rock a twist/braid-out in the front with your beret in the back

Only have 1 hat at the moment? Clip a flower or bow to your hat for a different look. You can attach it with a safety or bobby pin.

***NOTE TO NATURALS*** Please be sure to wear a satin bonnet underneath your winter headwear, this keeps the hair moisturized and protects your ends which is always the main goal anyway!

Hugs & Hearts,


(note from Temoura- ii have the blue hat with the bow but mine is in pink. loves it!)

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