Soo last week I decided to go and get my hair blown out and my ends trimmed. I usually go see my beautician Callie about every 6-8 weeks; however, this time about 12 weeks had passed since my last visit. A few weeks prior to my hair appointment it seemed as though my hair was shedding more than usual, so I asked Callie to let me know if she saw any areas of damage or breakage. Everything looked good in the front (the area where I had previously gotten color and was the most concerned about), everything looked good in the middle…and then she got to the back. “Oh Lawd!” *in my Bernie Mac voice*….there was a small area of breakage in the back right in the middle of my darn head. Being the wonderful beautician that she is *winks @ Callie* she turned me towards the mirror so that I could see it for myself. And uh yeah my ends were definitely see through, not cute at all. So she asked me did I want to cut it. Of course I responded “yes” ever so calmly but inside I thought I was gonna lose it. Not because I had to cut my hair, but because I had damage with no clue of how it happened. I make sure that my hair is moisturized and I am very careful when handling my ends, so I was quite confused. I ended up having about 2 inches cut from the back layer of my hair. But, it really  wasn’t soo bad because let me tell ya, when I left outta that salon my hair was all bouncy, shiny and diva-ish and I felt like I was in a hair commercial- and that’s for real. *rolls neck and snaps fingers real ghetto-like*

Soo what in the world could have caused the breakage?  Hmm? Well I still don’t know for sure. I actually think that it may have been a variety of things that each contributed to my ends looking all see through and out of order:

1) I got braids done for the cruise that I went on about two months ago. Even though the braids didn’t feel tight I started to get little white bumps on my scalp in the back of my head (right where the damage was). I immediately took the braids out once I noticed them but the damage may have already been done.

2) I have had almost the same regimen since I big chopped almost 15 months ago, since then my hair has grown and changed so it may be time for my regimen to change as well.

3)As I mentioned in the previous post, I have yet to find a protective style that works for me; but i think its time to find something and put my hair away for a minute. I have to be really careful with braids,twists, etc. because I have very fine hair and the smallest amount of tension can lead to bald patches and uhhhh that aint even boutta happen. lol. I have a few ideas that I am going to test out in the coming weeks tho.

Remember “going natural” is a process. Your hair requires constant attention. Your regimen and/or products may have to be updated to reflect your hair’s current state. Sometimes you experience setbacks and that’s okay, as long as you correct it and move forward. But the key is to acknowledge the problem and correct it (even if it means cutting a little off) so that you can have HEALTHY hair which ultimately is the most important thing.

Hugs & Hearts,


****BIG SHOUT OUTS TO MY GIRL/BEAUTICIAN CALLIE @ TAZZ & COMPANY SALON IN FOUR SEASONS MALL (upstairs beside the african american art store)Go See Her If Ya Need A Beautician She is The****** (I know this aint the BET awards but I had to plug that in there, ya’ll know how we do :0)


((love the pic chica…ultra fab! :)))

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