**Last week Temoura announced that there would be a new series coming to isthatyourhair.com called “Knowledge from A Natural.” I am beyond excited and extremely grateful to Temoura for extending the opportunity (thanks girl!).  She knows how much I looove to talk about hair especially natural hair! Before I “jump in” I figured you ladies would want to know a little bit about who I am….so here goes

My name is Danielle or Dani (I answer to both) . I’m a proud mommy of a wonderful 2 year old boy.  Im also a newlywed- my husband absolutely loves my hair, he even loved it when he had more than I did lol. I big chopped in August of 2010 after transitioning for only 6 weeks and I have loved every minute of my natural journey since


                                                                              no hair dont care lol

 my son was 1 at the time and even he had more hair than I did, but I didnt care. I loved my hair at that length. It was soo easy to manage

This is my 3rd attempt to go natural. What makes this time different? During my previous attempts resources such as websites like this one, and the products that are now available to naturals were not prevalent. I wanted to see my hair in its natural state and to learn how to manage my hair without chemical alteration. This has been the best decision that I have made for my hair thus far.

Stay tuned for a post on my current regimen as well as which products have made the cut since I began this journey. Here are a few more pics of my hair over the last couple of months

                                                                                           8 months post big chop

                                                                                                   10 months

                                                     me and my son Kaleb-12 months post big chop (STEELER NATION!!!)

Hugs and Hearts,


 *welcome chica!, so excited about having you on board!…now lets talk HAIR!*  (p.s your welcome :))

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