Braids Be Gone.


Saturday was the final day of the box braids, ii missed my hair…badly.

What I did…

  • removed the box braids
  • spritz hair with water
  • twisted using Olive Oil Curlying Pudding
  • sealed with coconut oil

(this was all done between the hours of 4:30am – 8:00am, -_-)

Jordynn had dance practice at 10:00 am so mommy had to pin the twist up so she didn’t look so rough while hanging with the dance moms. lol

Viola! The BEST twist out of my life right here folks! I was so geeked because my hair was hanging down and not up. Life changer I promise you.

I decided to switch up the pattern a little bit on Sunday. I braided my hair instead of twisting it..using the same products listed above, and Bam a very fluffy braidout!



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How To Handle Rude Natural Hair Comments


*I saw this article on and found it very informative, check out the tips on how to handle the o so rude comments us natural chicas sometime face.*


As you embark on your journey, it is inevitable that you will encounter that one individual, or a few, who feel the need to tell you exactly what they think of your natural hair. When the comment is positive, it’s all good, but when misconceptions and rudeness are thrown at you, it may be hard for you to come up with the right words to say, as the attack may have taken you by surprise or you may just be a soft spoken individual.

So we here at NaturallyCurly have the perfect 4 step strategy that will stop those individuals in their tracks — without making you look bad!

1. Don’t Preach

Short of the online community, I know no one else who is even remotely interested in the deep racial and social history of natural hair. It just isn’t that important to most people. To you, this is a huge battle that you have overcome, and you may feel that you are forging the way for those who will come after you, but please, for the love of curls, keep all of this to yourself.

If someone tells you they wish you would go back to relaxers or inquires about when you plan to straighten your hair, do not use this as an opportunity to go Martin Luther on them and give them the “I have a dream” speech where you state that relaxers should be abolished. In a room full of people that know nothing about this issue, you are going to look silly fighting for a cause like hair.

2. Concisely Explain

This is by far the most important. For so long, people have come to expect seeing you with straight hair, and now it has changed. It stands to reason that some of them might be confused and will want to know why you aren’t going with the flow anymore. Explain that you did not have a falling out with your stylist, are not changing sexual orientation, religion or anything else drastic. Without going deeply, simply explain your reasoning and goals, be they that you want longer, stronger, healthier, bigger, curlier, or more dramatic hair.

3. Brush it Off

Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, get emotional. I truly believe that there are people in this world who say things to get reactions out of people. They live for the thrill of breaking others down and get truly excited if they can make you cry. So why give them the satisfaction? Even if they comment about your hair type and try to drum it into your head that straight hair is best, learn to display the art of not caring. After you have concisely explained your position, anything that your tormentor says afterward should be met with a blank, nonchalant stare, a shoulder shrug and a “Whatever.”

4. Keep it Moving

Now that you have explained yourself and managed to navigate your way around rude comments, you need to divert the attention away from you. Don’t leave yourself open for more probing and taunting. The longer the convo revolves around you, the more opportunities people will have to think of questions to ask and things to say. By slyly diverting the conversation away from yourself, you minimise the chances of being placed in more awkward situations. Also, it lets your tormentor know that you are through with the conversation.

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Protective Styling: Box Braids

YES!! I finally have the hair break ii needed! My newest protective style: Box Braids.

The  braids were installed last Friday afternoon..on my off day. I actually attempted to install these myself but after it took me about an hour just to do about 5 braids ii knew ii needed some help. (disclaimer: I’ve never braided with weave before). Luckly one of my friends came by and saved the day ^_^. Thank God for good friends right?

I used about 6 packs of Vivca Fox’s 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair in a number 4  ($1.99 a pack at my local BSS)

I really love these braids, mainly because they give me a few extra minutes  to lay in my bed in the morning. ha! No, but seriously ii needed this hair break, being natural can become a little frustrating at times and that’s when I know it’s time for me to protective style!

I hope to wear these braids for a at least a month, but I might start missing my hair…so we’ll see 🙂

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Bodi Glitz Has Been Featured !



 ii am super excited right now guys, why you ask? because my etsy shop Bodi Glitz (formally known as TemouraChanel) has been featured on For the Fabulous & Frugal ! check out Jamila’s awesome review on the giraffe fabric hoops HERE !


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Jordynn gets curlformed !

thanks to my chica Danielle, Jor and ii were able to try out the infamous curlformers this weekend. ok my hair didn’t like them to much (sorry no pics)…now Jor’s hair on the other hand loved them, well the first day. ok let me explain.

ii tried the curl formers on my hair thursday night but because my hair is uber thick it was super hard to pull my hair through the rollers and of course my hair wasn’t dry when it was time for me to head to work on friday. but ii didn’t become anti-curl formers tho..ii decided to try them out on Jor’s hair friday night.  what ii did…

  • removed her mini twist
  • lightly spritz’d with water
  • detangled with shower comb and tangle teezer
  • applied olive oil curl pudding to each section for moisture
  • sealed with coconut oil

and volia!

saturday morning  when ii removed the curl formers we both were in love with the curls. they were so shiny and bouncy. she was whipping her hair back and forth, literally.

but after her ballet/tap practice it was nap time. so ii put on her satin bonnet and showed her the “cute way” to sleep so she wouldn’t flatten the curls in the back. ii thought we had a really good plan, lol.

but chiillleee when my baby girl got up those curls were history, as in a has been. *shrug* oh well they were great while they lasted. so sunday ii found myself putting ponytails in her hair, mini twist are going back in sometime this week.

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Gone But Never Forgotten


this weekend a daughter lost her mother. a mother lost her daughter and the music world lost a legend. my prayers go out to Bobby Christina and to all the daughter’s who have lost their mothers. may the lord wrap his arms around you.


RIP Whitney Houston 


 gone but never forgotten

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Natural Hair On The Tube


H&M ad.


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When Natural Hair Frustrations Set In

yup, natural hair frustrations. that’s exactly what ii am going through right now. don’t get me wrong ii love my natural hair but it can become a “bit much” at times. and this is one of those times.

ii don’t feel like washing or detangling, ii don’t feel like deep conditioning or sealing. ii don’t feel like twisting or braiding. ii just don’t feel like doing anything to this head. CAN I LIVE?? lol

 but seriously ii think it’s time for a change. ii think it’s time for a blow out. time for my hair to be straight for a little while, so ii can just wrap it up at night and that’s it. now ii am very hair frustrated right now but ii am definitely not to the point of relaxing again. that’s a tad bit extreme.

ii wanted to post a few pics of how ii have been wearing my hair this week… don’t laugh.

  • Monday- two chunky two-strand twist pinned back with twist out bang.

  • Tuesday- textured bun with twist out bang.

  • Wednesday- wash n go baby puff with bang.





Loc’d Men Spotted: pt. 3

Rodney iis back with another dope twisted style. this guy stays switching up his styles and ii just love them! check him out in his original post “Loc’d Men Spotted”  for more on Rodney & his hair!

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Hi Guys.

sorry ii’ve been a little MIA. ii actually haven’t been feeling too good. ii have been having terrible pain in my neck, back, head, ears and eyes. not fun at all.

ii hope to be back once ii feel a little better. thanks for checking in!



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