Are You Up For The Challenge?

today a co-worker asked me “Are You Wearing Protective Styles Again?” ii wondered why she asked me that until ii realized ii had been “dry bunning” my hair all week, from low buns to high buns. by now im pretty sure you guys know that ii LOVE protective styles!  ii like buns because they keep my ends tucked. which is excellent. 

so  ii thought to self….hmmm maybe ii should do another protective style challenge ??….

*long dramatic pause*

….yup so it’s official november ii will be doing a  one month protective styling challenge.The challenge will run from today  11/03-11/30.

 are you game? the rules are really simple.

  • wear protective styles are least 5 days of out the week, (you can let your hair down on the weekends lol)
  • keep hair moisturized and sealed while in your protective style.
  • the end.

ii will try to post pics of the PJ’s that ii wear during the month. but this week has def. been about the bun. ((pics coming soon.))

ii would love for you lovely ladies to join me in this challenge..let’s all retain length together!

check out these natural hair celebs rocking protective styles HERE.

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