Bun, hun?

as ii stated in my previous post  ii will to be wearing my hair in protective styles for the month of november. last week ii wore my hair in a bun.

bunning is a great protective style but it still requires some TLC. here are a few tiips on how to achieve effective bunning.

  • keep hair moisturized and sealed- you can’t slack in that department just because your hair is not “loose”. your hair needs moisture daily. you can always spray a light spirtz of water then follow up with a light oil.
  • change your bun daily-  you don’t want to cause breakage in the area where your hair tie is. so you would want to rotate between high bun, low bun, side etc.
  • not to tight – you don’t have to pull your brains out to have a successful bun with natural hair, granted natural hair is a tad bit harder to pull back but that is what bobby pins, gels and scarfs are for. ii like to only loop my hair tie twice. ii want to avoid as much tension to my edges as possible.

peace & love,


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