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Overcoming The “Dryness”

Tomeka asks:

I want to start getting my hair back healthy and natural but I don’t know what to do, it’s very dry and my edges are breaking off. Any suggestions?

TC response:

We all hate the “dryness” that our hair has and what I’ve learned through my natural hair journey for me it was all about finding the right conditioner, moisturizer and sealant.

  • It took many trials and errors to find the right conditioner that KEPT my hair feeling soft…after it dried. Your conditioner plays an important role in keeping your hair from being dry because many of us wash our hair with shampoo ( I don’t) and you need a good conditioner to restore the moisture that the shampoo has stripped from your hair. Deep Conditioning is also a must when trying to regain the moisture in your hair, you should try to DC as least every two weeks if your suffering from dry hair, It’s also good to follow-up your conditioner rinse out with a good leave in conditioner. My conditioner recommendations are..
  • Herbel Essesnce Hello Hydration
  • Aussie Moist
  • Suave Coconut
  • Suave Shea Butter (new)
  •  After I got my conditioner down, I moved on to finding a good moisturizer. There are so many products out there that swear they will define your curls so good, you’ll wake up looking line Traci Ellis Ross! lol, but seriously I was not into buying all these miracle products. I took baby steps in finding a good moisturizer, I would buy one new product about every 3 weeks. I didn’t want to get pulled into being a product junkie. Rule number one with finding a good moisturizer is making sure the first ingredient is water, water is great for our hair, it loves it..I promise! Moisturizer’s that  I recommend are..
  • Water!
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Shea Moisture Curling Milk
  • Organic Hair Mayo
  • Olive Oil Curling Pudding
  • Miss Jesse’s Curling Pudding
  •  Having a good conditioner and moisturizer becomes useless if you don’t have a good sealant to lock the moisture in. Sealant’s that I currently use..
  • Coconut oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Melted Shea Butter

additional tips..

  • Scalp massages with a warm oil, and taking vitamins such as Biotin can also  help with thinning edges.
  • Always remember to sleep on a satin pillowcase or in a satin bonnet to retain moisture.
  • try to stay away from products that contain alcohol, they tend to cause dryness.

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From Twisted Updo To Twist Out

so monday night it was time to go back to what ii love. protective styling. ii placed about 10 chunky two strand twist all over my head, using water to moisturize and melted shea butter to seal. ii didn’t pin the twist up that night, ii just threw my bonnet on and went night night.

the next morning, ii grabbed my bobby pins and started pinning twist up. ii usually don’t have a vision when ii do updos ii kinda just play it by ear. sorry ii dnt have any pics of the back, its kinda hard to take a pic at that angle lol.

 ii wore the twisted updo for 2 days and today ii let her loose. this morning ii just untwisted my two strand twist and placed a flat two strand twist on the left side and a small pomp on the right side.

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This Week’s Hair…so far.

the best thing about being on #teamNatural is the versatility your hair has!

sunday night was my wash night, so after the hour detangling session ii twisted my hair up  to prepare myself for a twist out for work on monday. well since ii didn’t actually didn’t finish twisting my hair till about 8pm my hair was  still very wet the next morning. so ii grabbed a head band and formed the updo/puff that is the pic above. ii call it a updo/puff because ii didn’t pull the band as tight as ii usually do for a puff & ii used bobby pins to pin up any extra hair that was hanging low. to twist my hair ii used organic hair mayo and shea butter.

that night ii decided ii will try my twist out again, so ii lightly sprayed my hair with leave in conditioner and used shea butter to seal.

the pic below is from twist out Tuesday!

well hello there Wednesday, ii decided this morning that ii was going to do a tuck n roll because the temp has dropped here in NC and my hair dries out quickly. and you guys know ii love me some protective styles, so ii grabbed my bobby pins and went to work.

use your hair as a canvas the possiblites are limitless!

the earrings featured in this post can be found at my etsy shop. #shopTemouraChanel

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Jordynn Rocks a Twist Out.

yesterday Jor rocked a twist out to school. mini twist have became her signature style. her hair is growing like a weed and ii don’t see us changing up her hair routine any time soon.

the products ii use in her hair are as follows..

  • apple cider vinegar for cleansing
  • aussie moist conditioner
  • cantu leave in conditioner
  • melted shea butter

ii moisturize and seal her hair daily with water and coconut or olive oil.

so after wearing this set of mini twist for about a month, ii took the twist out. and let her hair just be free. she loved the freedom of her hair (she kept swinging it everywhere lol) here’s a few pics…

here’s a pic of her mini twist stretched. wowzers! she’s my new hair crush ❤

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Christmas Hair

ok, ok ii know Christmas was so a million days ago, but ii never got the chance to share my holiday hair style with you guys!

for Christmas ii did a simple braid out,  to achieve this style..

  • ii henna’d my hair on thursday night (a
  • ii used aussie moist conditioner to wash & detangle my hair after ii rinsed the henna out.
  • used organic hair mayo to moisturize
  • then placed my hair into about 10 random braids all over my head
  • sealed with shea butter

ii actually wore the braid out on friday but just re-braided it at night to preserve the texture for Christmas, hope you all had a great holiday!

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My Product List.


 yesterday on facebook ii was asked what products do ii recommend to keep my natural hair moisturized?  well ii have a few favorites….

leave in conditioners

  • Cantu–  $5, works well when your hair is really in need of a conditioning, great for deep conditioning with shower cap.
  •  ApHogee– $4-$6, this conditioner comes in the form of a spray,  ii like to use this when my hair just needs a quick refresh. ii spritz my hair with it when it feels a little dry esp. when my hair is in mini-twist.


  • Olive Oil Smooth & Hold Pudding– $6, ii like to use this moisturizer when ii do twist outs and  braid outs, it gives great hold but doesn’t leave my hair with that hard crunchy feeling, not to mention it smells heavenly.
  • Organic Hair Mayo– $7, ii just started using the hair mayo and ii love it, ii actually plan to do an entire product review on it, it is good for stylingbut also works well as a daily moisturizer.
  • Shea Moisture Curl  Enhancing Hair Smoothie– $10,
  • Shea Moisture Curl Milk– $10, ii know the prices for these shea moisture products look a little steep but they work magic, when ii first started styling my hair these were my staple products. they have an amazing smell and they also work very well with shea butter to give me  that hold ii need when styling a braidout or twist out.


Raw Shea Butter- $7, ii listed shea butter under the oils because ii melt my shea butter down in the microwave using the oil form of the butter, ii will never stop using shea butter,  it is the best sealant for me, it holds all the moisture in my hair, so my hair doesn’t dry out during the day.

  • Coconut Oil- $4, penetrates the hair shaft (staple oil)
  • Olive Oil- $4, leaves hair with an awesome shine
  •  Grapeseed oil- $4, ii use this oil as a heat protectant whenever heat is applied to me or Jordynn’s hair.

What’s On Your Product List?

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ii Big Chopped

*Curl Talk With…

And you are? Christi

How long have you been on your Natural Journey? I have been on my natural journey i guess you could say since last year that’s when I stopped getting perms and started transitioning and i officially went natural “big chopped” Oct. 19, 2011

 Why did you decide to go Natural? I decided to go natural because I knew I was never getting a perm again and I was at the point where I was tired of looking at those straight permed ends and curly roots. Also I felt like it was about time I have been really wanting to grow my hair longer and I felt if I let grow in it’s natural state without straightening it would be able to thrive.

 What is your current regimen and what are your favorite products? My current regimen (budget regimen) lol is basically wash and condition with Shea Moisture Raw Shea butter Restorative shampoo and conditioner. Then after that is what I feel like doing at the time, sometimes I leave the conditioner and let my hair dry sometimes I put kinky curly knot today on my hair after washing. I’ve realized my hair doesn’t like a lot of stuff on it so I keep it very simple.

What is the best thing about being Natural? The best thing about being natural is being able to experiment. I like trying to figure out what really works for my hair and what my hair likes. 

 Any words of encouragement for the newbies? Just go for it, when your ready of course. Your journey is that alone YOURS so embrace it love it and make it work for you. Just make sure its something you really want to do because once it’s done it’s done.  


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braidout.earlace.combat boots.

last night ii stepped out to work at Armani’s night club for A&T Homecoming 2011.

ii wanted to channel my inner “rock star” for last night, and ii figured yesterday would be the perfect time to make my own ear lace!

ii have always been a crafty person and DIY projects are so much fun! ii think it came out rather nicely.

hair: ii wore a braidout that ii styled  using shea butter and cantu leave in conditioner. ii didn’t want a real “defined” look so ii did some major fluffying. the braidout is a great way to stretch your hair when you want that big hair look.

                  *ii freaking love my combat boots, extra comfy and fab all at the same time.*

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back to the protection.

welp it’s been fun rocking my fro the past week, but ii couldn’t help but feel bad for having my hair so loose  and free. too many hands touching her and the harsh wind blowing on her ends just didn’t sit right with me. ii guess after having her in protective styles for a month, ii wasn’t used to all that anymore. so today ii decided to go back to the protection.

last night ii applied cantu leave in conditioner and a shea butter mix to my hair and “attempted”, to cornrow my hair back into two briads…ii say attempted because im just learning how to cornrow, but hey they came out ok, to me. lol




don’t laugh at my parts tho ii dont use combs, unless detangling with lots and lots of conditioner.


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