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From Twisted Updo To Twist Out

so monday night it was time to go back to what ii love. protective styling. ii placed about 10 chunky two strand twist all over my head, using water to moisturize and melted shea butter to seal. ii didn’t pin the twist up that night, ii just threw my bonnet on and went night night.

the next morning, ii grabbed my bobby pins and started pinning twist up. ii usually don’t have a vision when ii do updos ii kinda just play it by ear. sorry ii dnt have any pics of the back, its kinda hard to take a pic at that angle lol.

 ii wore the twisted updo for 2 days and today ii let her loose. this morning ii just untwisted my two strand twist and placed a flat two strand twist on the left side and a small pomp on the right side.


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Last Week’s Hair: “The Updo”

last week ii went  back to what ii love.. a two strand twist up do..just a few pics below.

style was done on freshly washed and detangled hair, ii used Olive Oil Smooth & Hold Pudding and sealed with grapeseed oil.

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