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Product Review: Mango Coconut Sunshine.

via   Morning Dew Products

Ingredients: Water, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, BJMS, fragrance

remember Leslie?  a big chopper ii curl talked with a while back,  well ii was really interested in trying her leave in moisturizer entitled Mango Coconut Sunshine.

ii decided to use the moisturizer when ii placed my hair in flexi rods on sunday night. trying to reserve the roller set ii got last thursday. ii didn’t want to use a product that was too watery because my hair takes forever to dry.  so ii knew the mango coconut sunshine would be perfect.

when ii took the rollers out the next morning my hair was very soft. and the product also helped hold some of the curls. (my hair doesn’t curl to well on dry hair with rollers). anywho. the moisturizer kept my hair feeling soft and light all day.

ii will def be purchasing more of Leslie’s product ii love the shine and  lightness it gave my hair!

(this review is solely based on personal experience remember not all curlie heads are the same)


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Product Review: Tangle Teezer

first off let me start off by saying ii have read and watched many reviews on this handy dandy detangler, & they have been both good and bad.. but ii would just like to express my experience with the Tangle Teezer.

umm let me see how ii can explain this…. I LOVE IT!

but to be honest ii didn’t quite feel that way at first. when ii first bought the TT it kind of scared me. the brussels on it didn’t look to friendly. and ii was afraid ii was about to pull my hair right out my head. seriously the thing looks kinda scary, no?

anywho, the method ii used when detangling with the TT was as follows..

  • apply a generous amount of aussie moist conditioner
  • sectioned hair into 6 parts
  • combed through hair with shower comb, starting from the bottom then working my way up
  • then ii did the same combing technique with the TT
  • the TT slid right through my hair. no pulling. no tangles. nothing. 
  • the only con ii have about the TT so far is that it slips out of my hand like a slippery bar of soap when ii’m using iit, which can be super fustrating since it already takes me a hour to detangle.

ii have used the tangle teezer during my last 3 wash/detangle sessions. and so far so good. my ends are still in tact and ii haven’t seen any breakage. but ii will be sure to keep you guys updated!

have you tried the tangle teezer?

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